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Penile Implant in Turkey
An Infographic Of A Penile Implant

Penile Implant in Turkey

Being able to erect during sexual intercourse is important for a man’s ego and self-esteem. A penile implant operation, also known as penile prosthesis, will allow you to regain your self-confidence and enable you to confidently continue with your daily life again. High standards of medical care, affordable prices, and impeccable accommodation are some of the benefits of having a penile implant in Turkey. 

As the positive effects of a healthy sexual life on mental health become clearer, the importance of procedures such as penis implants becomes more apparent. According to the BBC, during sexual activity, the brain produces endorphins, a substance that creates excitement, satisfaction, and happiness.

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Why you should get a Penile Implant in Turkey

Getting a penile implant in Turkey has lots of benefits. These benefits are:

State-of-the-Art Facilities

Our main purpose is to satisfy our patients with our high-quality facilities and state-of-the-art equipment.

Highly skilled

Due to their strong educational background, use of the latest technology in high-quality facilities and patient experience, surgeons from Turkey are preferred.


Penile implant procedures in Turkey are more affordable than in other countries for various reasons.

Comprehensive packages

Our all-inclusive packages have everything you need for your treatment, such as transportation, accommodation and an interpreter.

Exceptional success rates

Our experienced surgeons, working in state-of-the-art facilities, have a success rate of over 95%.

Process of Penile Implant Procedure

Penile implant procedure has seven stages including postoperative care and follow-up. It starts with pre-operative preparation to understand the patient’s needs. This includes consultation and preparation for surgery. After preparation, general or spinal anesthesia is performed. The procedure ends with an incision, implant insertion, and closure of the incision.

The procedure to insert a penile implant usually takes about 1 to 2 hours and it may be advisable to have a 1-night stay in the hospital for observation.

Preoperative Preparation

Before the procedure, our specialist doctor will understand the needs of the patient and decide which technique will be applied.

The physical exam includes your genitals and prostate, and getting a urine example. After the exam, our doctor will advise you to have a penis implant with one of the following techniques.

When surgery preparation ends, our patients receive general anesthesia to make them completely unconscious, or spinal anesthesia to numb the lower part of the body.

A small incision will be made on top of the penis, in the lower abdomen, or in the scrotum, depending on the type of the penis implant technique your surgeon will recommend. You may have small scars from the incisions that usually aren’t noticeable.

After the incision, the chosen type of implant will be placed inside your penis. Depending on your treatment, you may need a second incision to place additional components.

After the implant has been placed, the incisions will be closed with stitches and covered with a bandage.

Penile Implant Techniques

There are 2 different techniques for penile implants. Depending on the patient’s needs, our consultants and our specialist surgeons will select and apply the most appropriate technique. 

Penile Implant In Turkey 4

Inflatable Implants

The most common technique of penile implants is inflatable implants. The implants can be inflated and deflated at any desired time. There are 2 types of inflatable implants; three-piece implants and two-piece implants. One type creates the most natural erection, while the other type provides partial flaccidity when deflated.

Three-piece inflatable implants use a fluid-filled reservoir implanted under the abdominal wall, a pump and release valve placed in the scrotum, and two inflatable cylinders inside the penis.
Before intercourse, the patient pumps the fluid in the reservoir into the cylinders by squeezing the pump and the penis erects. After the procedure, by squeezing the pump in the opposite direction, the fluid returns to the reservoir and the penis softens.

Two-piece inflatable implants use two cylinders and a pump. The difference is that the fluid reservoir is part of the pump implanted in the scrotum.

A Picture Of A Inflatable Penile Implant

Semi-rigid implants

Malleable or semi-rigid penis implants is a medical device that is inserted into the penis. The difference from inflatable implants is that the implant maintains the penis in an erect state. The implant is mostly kept in a downward position.

Unlike other implant types, semi-rigid implants are always firm. The patient can place the penis in an upright position before intercourse and bend it after intercourse. It is easy to use and has a lower risk of failure as it contains no mechanical parts.

A Picuture Of A Semi-Rigid Penile Implant

Penis Implant Candidacy

For patients with erectile dysfunction who do not respond to other treatments, a penis implant may be the right treatment. Medications, injections, or vacuum devices are other treatment methods. You may be a good penile prosthesis candidate if the following conditions are fulfilled:

  • Already tried medications and failed
  • Tried a penis pump
  • Mentally and emotionally prepared
  • No contraindications (such as active infections)
  • Decent general health
Penile Implant In Turkey 2

How much does a penile implant cost in Turkey?

Although prices vary by treatment type, the average penile implant cost in Turkey is €7500

Penile implant surgery cost in Turkey may vary depending on the hotel, clinic, type of treatment and additional operations included in our packages.

Cost comparison of Penile Implant in Turkey vs the World






The USA 



The UK






Save up to 60% by getting a Penile Implant in Turkey.

Turkey Penile Implant Package

Our all-inclusive Turkey penile implant package includes:

  • Hotel accommodation in a 4-5 star hotel
  • Airport pick-up and VIP Transportation
  • A translator that accompanies you
  • Painkillers
  • Nurse care at the hotel for emergencies
  • A lifetime customer support
Penile Implant In Turkey 6

Benefits of Penis Implant

A successful penile implant surgery has many benefits for the patient. These benefits are as follows:

Improved Sexual Satisfaction: By restoring the ability to have a healthier sex life, implants can significantly increase sexual satisfaction for both the individual and their partner. This can lead to a more fulfilling sexual relationship and improved intimacy.

Long-Term Solution: Unlike other treatments, having penile implant surgery offers you a longer lasting solution. After the surgery, you can have an erection without any problems for a long time.

Consistent Erections: Your erection problem is completely solved after penis implant. Apart from this, you can have an erection whenever you want thanks to the devices attached in the surgery, and you will be able to have a healthier sexual life.

Discreet Appearance: The presence of a penile implant is not noticeable to others, making it a discreet solution for treating ED. This privacy can be important for people who are concerned about stigma or privacy.

Penile Implant In Turkey 6
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Best Penis Implant Clinic in Turkey

Arpanu Medical guarantees its patients not only good treatment but also the best service. With 13 years of experience, Arpanu Medical has become one of the leading healthcare organizations in Turkey and is always ready to serve with its staff and specialist doctors who understand the needs of their patients.

Frequently Asked Questions

How effective are penile implants in treating erectile dysfunction?

Penile implants are highly effective in treating erectile dysfunction (ED). Penis implant devices can be effective in restoring sexual activity for over a 10-year period. It is recommended for individuals who have not responded to other forms of ED treatment such as oral medications, vacuum erection devices, or injections.

What are the risks and potential complications of penile implant surgery?

Like any surgery, penile implant surgery carries risks. Implant malfunction, infection, uncontrolled bleeding after the procedure, excessive scar tissue, and pump or reservoir displacement may occur. Although, risks of penis implant surgery are very unlikely.

How long is the recovery period after penile implant surgery?

Typical recovery time after penis implant surgery is four to six weeks. Patients must avoid sexual activity and heavy physical activity during recovery.

Will a penile implant affect sensation, ejaculation, or orgasm?

No, a penis implant won’t affect any loss of sensation, or orgasm. On the contrary, 60% of people reached orgasm after the implantation.

Do penile implants make your penis bigger?

No, penis implants won’t make your penis bigger than it was before surgery. Penile implants are not designed to increase penis size.

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