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Limb Lengthening in Turkey
An Infographic Of Limb Lenghtening

Limb Lengthening in Turkey

Limb Lengthening is a surgical operation performed to increase the length of an arm or leg. It is also known as leg lengthening or height lengthening surgery, as it is more commonly performed to increase height.

Limb lengthening surgery is primarily performed on the long bones of the body because these bones contribute significantly to overall height and limb proportions. Other reasons for performing lengthening surgery on long bones are accessibility, functionality, and cosmetic reasons.

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Why you should get a Limb Lengthening in Turkey?

There are multiple advantages and benefits of having limb lengthening surgery in Turkey. Such as:


We are proud to host you in our state-of-the-art facilities and to use the latest medical products in our surgeries.


Surgeons in Turkey are ahead of surgeons in many other countries due to their excellent training background and successful patient experience.


Due to competitive market, favorable exchange rates, and healthcare investments, surgeries are less expensive in Turkey than Europe or the USA.

All-inclusive packages

Restore confidence in the most comfortable way with our interpreting, accommodation and transport services.

Impressive success rates

Our top-tier facilities and expert surgeons ensure a success rate above 95%.

Process of Limb Lengthening Procedure

Limb lengthening has several stages including pre-operation and post-operative care. Unlike other surgical operations, post-operative care and rehabilitation stages are the most important stages for limb lengthening. After the consultation and preparation, during the operation, our surgeon will cut the bone to create a two separate bone pieces. After the operation, the two bone fragments will continue to separate and a bone will start to form in the gap they form.

Preoperative Preparation

Before the surgery, x-rays of the bone will be taken and measurements will be made. The tests and medical supervision will determine how much the bone needs to be lengthened. How many centimeters the bone is lengthened depends on the type of bone and the patient’s needs.

After the pre-operative preparation, a treatment called osteotomy, which splits the bone in two to lengthen the bone, is applied. With the internal and external device chosen by the surgeon, the two parts of the divided bone are stabilized to each other. The operation takes between 1-3 hours.

The instrument placed between the two bone pieces is started to be used after the patient’s 1-week rest period. A few days of recovery in the hospital is necessary for the patient’s health.

After the surgery and healing process, the distraction phase begins, in which the two bones come together to form a new bone. The surgeon or a member of the healthcare team shows the patient’s family how to use the external or internal device on a daily basis.

During this phase, the two bone fragments are slowly separated from each other and this separation continues until the length determined before surgery. The patient’s family will use the chosen device to distract the bone from each other at approximately 1 mm per day.

As the separation continues, the body creates new tissue, resulting in a long bone. During the distraction period, the surgeon and the medical team will be in constant communication to check the condition of the bone.

The body will react to the surgical opening and fill the space between the two bone fragments. Meanwhile, the nerves, bones and tendons will get used to the new bone structure. Physical therapy is essential for the patient’s mobility and acclimatization to the new body during the healing process.

After full lengthening, it takes another 2-3 months for the bone to harden. The patient can use crutches until the bone is completely hardened. During this time, the patient must follow the diet given by the healthcare team. 

After complete hardening, the external device is removed and the doctor may fit a corset for the patient’s comfort.

Limb Lengthening Techniques

The technique may vary according to the device to be used after osteotomy. The device to be used is selected according to the needs of the bone or the patient’s choice. There are two different device types, external and internal. These are also separated within themselves.

Limb Lenghtening In Turkey

External Devices

An external fixator is a metal device that holds the bone, which is divided into two parts, from the outside of the leg. It has small rods that pass through the skin and enter the bone. Adjustable bars need to be used every day for the bone to reach the desired length.

Monolateral External Fixators

Monolateral external fixators are attached to one side of the treated bone with a bar and screws. The screws are connected to the bones to prevent loosening of the bones and all screws are held by a bar. The patient should continue the treatment by loosening the screws daily.

Limb Lenghtening In Turkey 1

Ilizarov External Fixators

Illizarov, a circular fixator, works on short bone segments, as well as corrects complex bone problems. The external device, which has been used since the 1950s and has become more useful with new changes, is usually used in children. It surrounds the bone and is attached to the bone with nails. Adjustment must be made every day for the bone to lengthen.

Taylor Spatial Frame

The six struts are connected diagonally by two metal rings. Inspired by the Ilizarov technique, the device can be extended and shortened independently of the circle. It is mainly used in children and can heal even the most difficult bone disorders.

Limb Lengthening In Turkey 2

Internal Devices

Devices that are inserted into the bone to lengthen two divided bone fragments are called internal devices. The magnetic motor inside the device is activated by a remote control and the bone grows in length.


The technique, with a magnetic motor inside, consists of a telescopic metal rod called an extension nail. It is inserted through a small incision into the bone canal where the marrow is located. The nails are placed on the upper and lower sides.

The patient is given an external remote control to operate the technique and separate the two bones. With the remote control, the two bone pieces start to separate from each other.

Limb Lengthening In Turkey

Limb Lengthening Candidacy

For those who want to increase the length of their legs or arms, who have tried other treatments and have not achieved results, limb lengthening surgery is suitable. If you meet the following conditions, you may be a suitable patient for lengthening surgery:

  • Osteomyelitis – Bone infection
  • Difference in arm or leg length
  • Bone or joint deformity
  • Dwarfism
  • Dissatisfaction with height
  • Wanting to regain limb length following adult trauma
Limb Lenghtening In Turkey 2

Limb Lengthening in Turkey vs the world cost comparison







The USA 



The UK






How much does Limb Lengthening cost in Turkey?

Due to competition and a low exchange rate, limb lengthening surgery in Turkey costs between $15,000 – $30,000. When choosing in which country to undergo limb lengthening surgery, it is necessary to pay attention to safety, expertise, reliability, quality and facilities. 

Save up to 70% by getting a limb lengthening in Turkey.

Turkey Limb Lengthening Package

All-inclusive limb lengthening packages in Turkey include:

  • Hotel accommodation
  • VIP Transportation
  • A translator 
  • Nurse care at the hotel
  • Anesthesia, consultation, operation, tests, and post-checkup fees
Limb Lenghtening In Turkey 4

Benefits of Limb Lengthening Surgery

The positive results you will get after the successful completion of the limb lengthening operation:

  • Improves mobility: After the treatment, you will notice that mobility increases and daily movements are more comfortable. 
  • Corrects Limb Discrepancies: The operation eliminates limping and walking problems by ensuring that both legs are the same length.
  • Psychological Effect: For individuals who are concerned about their height and body balance, limb lengthening surgery can restore self-confidence.
  • Participate in Physical Activities: You will participate in sports events and physical activities without limitations! 
Limb Lenghtening In Turkey 3

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the risks and potential complications of limb lengthening?

Limb Lengthening, which is a very complicated procedure, involves many complications. The most common is infection, which is not a problem for those who use internal devices. Other possible complications: 

  • Pin-site infection
  • Muscle contractions
  • Joint dislocation
  • Blood vessel injury
  • Nerve injury
  • Delayed or accelerated bone formation
  • Bone non-union

How long after limb lengthening can you walk normally?

Most patients start to walk comfortably 3 months after the operation without assistance. This period varies depending on the technique and the instrument chosen by the surgeon.

Can you run after leg lengthening surgery?

In order to run after limb lengthening surgery, it is necessary to undergo a very good rehabilitation process, to follow the diet given by the health team, and to spend the physiotherapy process positively. After 3 months, although the patient can walk, it takes a certain period of time to run properly.

How much height increases after limb lengthening surgery?

After limb lengthening surgery, the patient should expect to grow between 5 and 8 centimetres in length.

Who cannot have limb lengthening surgery?

Limb lengthening surgery requires a lot of time for recovery and walking again. During this time, healthy psychology, balanced mental health and realistic expectations are required. In addition, surgery is not recommended for those who have illnesses such as uncontrolled diabetes, active infections, bone diseases.

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