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Liposuction Costs Explained: Price Breakdown and Cost per Area


Liposuction is a respectively expensive aesthetic procedure. However, due to its minimal invasiveness, it can cost less than more invasive types of procedures, such as a tummy tuck (See article: Liposuction vs. Tummy Tuck).

The cost of liposuction is one of the important aspects when one is considering liposuction surgery. This way, one can make their plans accordingly to their budget. With this article, we aim to help you determine the estimate of the budget you need to have lipo surgery. We have gathered data from the consultation process to the post-op recovery fees for you so that you can easily access all the information you want and/or need.

With this article we aim to tell you about:

  • What is the cost of liposuction and what affects it
  • What is included in the final quote
  • How can you pay for a liposuction procedure

Liposuction Cost: The Basics

Liposuction was the second most common plastic surgery performed worldwide in 2020, right after breast augmentation. It’s a procedure high on demand, and the prices reflect that. Let’s go over some basic information about liposuction costs before we dive deeper into the subject.

How much money is spent on liposuction each year?

According to “Top 10 surgical cosmetic procedures worldwide in 2020” 1.5 million liposuction procedures were performed. According to our collected data, approximately €8-9 billion is spent each year on liposuction., which is a significant chunk of the 63.4 billion dollar plastic surgery industry.

Average Cost of Liposuction

Liposuction surgery can cost €6.190 on average. The lowest average for the procedure is €3.946 while the highest average for it is €8.433 globally.

The estimate above is calculated using our collected data.

How Much Does Liposuction Cost

Why is liposuction so expensive?

Liposuction can be expensive because the majority of the time, it is performed for cosmetic reasons. Therefore, insurance does not cover a liposuction procedure, unless it is to cure diseases, such as lipedema.

Liposuction can get more expensive if multiple areas are treated, and it depends on the size and/or complexity of the area. One other reason for liposuction to get more expensive is the technique that is being used. Some equipment’s maintenance can cost more, or one specific type of liposuction can require more experience and/or expertise. In these circumstances, the procedure can cost more than traditional liposuction. Also, the location of the hospital/clinic can influence the price.

Is liposuction worth the high cost?

If the surgeon is an expert in the field and has a good rate of patient satisfaction and success, then yes. It is worth the high cost. This way, the probability of you being botched is very low, and you will have a high chance to get the best outcome possible.

It is important to state that one needs to keep in mind that “cheap” and “affordable” may not always mean the same thing. “Cheap” can be also cheap in quality, while “affordable” can be rich in quality. However, to achieve the best results possible, choosing the best surgeon and/or clinic for you should be the first thing to consider no matter the cost. This is a body contouring procedure, and the results are permanent. So you should approach these matters with utmost care.

Liposuction Cost Breakdown

Let us talk about what affects the cost. Hopefully, this will give you an idea about how much liposuction costs and why it costs that much. We will break down every step of the procedure to help you comprehend the pricing. Some of the steps can be additional fees, meaning they will not be included in the surgery fees.

What affects the price of liposuction?

Because of different health care systems all around the world, some hospitals and clinics may charge the patients more; from consultation to post-op care. As a consequence, they may not feel obligated to mention those fees in their initial quote. We would like to tell you about the aspects that can affect the price of a liposuction procedure and why.

BMI & Amount of Fat

If the patient has more Body Mass Index than the recommended limit of 30 – which also means that they have a higher amount of fat in their body –, the final quote can be higher. Having a higher BMI and a higher amount of fat means that the procedure will become more complex. Some surgeons might want to avoid performing on high BMI patients. The patient can either lose some weight before their procedure or find another qualified surgeon with more experience in the field and who is comfortable performing on high BMI patients. And a more experienced surgeon might cost you more in this situation.

The Number of Treated Areas

The number of treated areas can affect the price of liposuction. For instance, single-area liposuction costs €4.000 on average, and any additional areas you wish to be treated can cost €2.000 each. The additional fees for the additional areas do not include the fees for non-surgical aspects, such as anesthesia, equipment, consultation, etc.

You can find package deals on multiple-area liposuctions. Even though you will be notified about the existence of these packages during your consultation, we advise you to research them thoroughly.


We are all familiar with the saying: “practice makes perfect”. When a surgeon has more experience in the field, their success and satisfaction rates are also most likely higher than a less experienced surgeon.  Since they have a better reputation, they will be more in demand than other surgeons. Therefore, they might charge their patients more.

Type of Liposuction

Different equipment and techniques are used in different types of liposuction. The maintenance of these pieces of equipment and their cost can affect the cost of the procedure. Some of the procedures can be more complex than traditional liposuction. Also, some of them require a certain level of training and expertise to use and perform, which is why the type of liposuction affects the cost.

Type of Anesthesia

If the liposuction is being performed under local anesthesia, there will be no need for an anesthesiologist in the operating room. Therefore, it costs less than general anesthesia.

However, if the procedure is performed with general anesthesia, there is going to be an anesthesiologist in the operating room to keep up with your vitals and wake you up after the procedure. Since general anesthesia requires an anesthesiologist to be involved in the procedure, it costs more than local anesthesia.


If the city that the hospital/clinic is in has a higher cost of living, the price will likely be higher than it is in another city with a lower cost of living. In an area where the cost of living is low, the price might look suspiciously cheaper compared to places where the cost of living is high. The lower price tag doesn’t necessarily reflect the quality of the treatment provided.

Additional Costs

Not every country provides package deals for a liposuction procedure. Namely, they do not include the other fees in the surgery cost. The final quote they will give to the patient will be the total of some aspects and the surgery. Let us go over those aspects that may not the included in the prices we mentioned above and below.

Garments and Supplies

Depending on the compression garment’s type, such as full body or abdominal, the price for it can vary. The average price for a full-body compression garment is €130. Smaller compression garments cost around €35-€50. If a compression garment is not included in your final quote for the procedure, this may be an additional fee for your liposuction recovery. Therefore, you must purchase these supplies before surgery and make sure they fit you well.


It is recommended that patients get weekly lymphatic drainage massages (a type of medical massage that helps with built-up fluid in the body) after their lipo surgery. It can shorten the recovery time and minimizes swelling, discomfort, and pain. It is also claimed that lymphatic massage can boost immunity and prevent infection[1]. The average cost for it is €100-€150 per session.

Post-Surgical Care

Other than garments and other supplies, pain medications can be counted as post-op care fees. You also should be following an anti-inflammatory diet. If you do not have the ingredients, and supplements for the said healthy diet, you may need to purchase those as well. The post-surgical care can cost €100 on average if the medications and supplements are prescribed and/or purchased via certain coupons. If not, they may cost around €600.


A board-certified anesthesiologist will not be required in the operating room when the patient is given local anesthetic drugs. So, the price for local anesthetics is lower than other types of anesthesia with an average of €500.

When a patient is put under general anesthesia, a board-certified anesthesiologist is required in the operating room to keep up with the patient’s vitals. Most anesthesiologists in the US charge €3.500 an hour.

Surgical Facility Fees

When you have an on-site OR, facility fees are determined by several factors. These factors include the duration of the procedure, the necessary disposable and non-disposable equipment, and the community-supported regular outpatient surgery fees. Facility fees cost around €2.000 on average.

Combined Procedures

Combined procedures are convenient for patients who want to recover from multiple contouring and reshaping procedures done on their bodies and face, in a short period. This can also be financially advantageous because, for combined procedures, only non-surgical fees are added to the bill. This can save the patient a significant amount of money. For instance, a breast augmentation surgery costs €7.500, and a tummy tuck costs €8.500 on average. If they are combined, their total quote can be around €13.000 on average.

Total Cost of Liposuction

In this section, we will break down the average cost of liposuction by adding up surgical and non-surgical fees. The estimates below are global averages. The data for the estimates are collected from various countries on various continents.

  • Consultation: Approximately, a doctor charges around €100-€200 for an initial consultation. Consultation fees with a liposuction specialist can be more expensive. The surgeon may charge around €250 on average.
  • Operation: The operation costs around €6.000 on average.
  • Anesthesia: Depending on the type of anesthesia, the price varies. General anesthesia fees are  €3.500 per hour on average.
  • Equipment: Most surgeons do not charge their patients for the maintenance of the equipment used during a procedure. It is usually included in the surgical fee.
  • Hospital Stay: Hospital stay may be vital in case of complications. The overage cost for it per night is €500.
  • Post-op care and supplies (patches, wound dressing, etc.): One needs to change their wound dressing in the course of their recovery to avoid infection. Wound dressing in total costs €1.500 per visit.
  • Post-Surgery Garments: Some surgeons might not include garments in their operation price. So it is counted as an additional fee. It costs around €130 on average.
  • Post-op visits: Most surgeons do not charge their patients for their post-op appointments. It is usually included in the surgical fee.

According to the data we have gathered above, the average total cost of a liposuction procedure is €12.380.

Cost of Liposuction Based on Body Parts

As mentioned previously, the cost of liposuction can differ based on body parts. Larger areas cost more than smaller areas because of how long the procedure takes and are more complex to perform the procedure on. Also, the amount of areas to be treated affects the price of liposuction. It does not double the price. For instance, if you were to get liposuction on your thighs and abdomen in one surgery, you would pay surgical and non-surgical fees for the abdomen, and only the surgical fees for the thighs (excluding anesthetics).

In this section, we will show you how much a certain area costs, and how much it costs in various countries. The estimates below are the average prices of the countries/regions. The cost of liposuction can differ from one city to another or from one state to another.

The data gathered on the table chart below are estimates, you should not arrange your budget before your consultation with the medical provider or the surgeon of your choice and preference.


the US the UK Europe Mexico Turkey
Full Body €5.000 for the abdominal
area + €2.000 for
additional areas
€8,310 €4.500 €4.000 €3.000
Face & Neck €6.750 €5.750 €4.250 €3.500 €2.500
Upper Body €6.100 €6.400 €5.000 €4.000 €2.000
Lower Body €8.000 €4.500 €3.000 €3.750 €2.350

Cost of Liposuction Based on Type

As we mentioned above, the type of liposuction can affect the price of a procedure too. Because in certain types of surgery, more advanced and more expensive equipment is used. And some of these pieces of equipment require adequate practice to be used by a plastic surgeon. Some advanced liposuction techniques can be more expensive. In the table below, we have put together the prices of the types of liposuction in the most popular countries patients visit to get their lipo surgery.

Prices from the US and the UK are only the surgery costs. Europe, Mexico, and Turkey estimates are all-inclusive package deals that include everything mentioned above and more. The range of services may differ.

the US the UK Europe Mexico Turkey
Lipo360 €10.000-€15.000 €3.000 – €6.000 €4.000 – €5.000 €3.500 – €6.000 €2.000 – €4.000
Tumescent Liposuction €4.000-€11.000 €3.000 – €11.400 €2.000 – €10.000 €2.500 – €5.000 €700 – €2.500
Suction-Assisted Liposuction €5.000-€16.000 €3.000 – €10.000 €2.000 – €12.000 €3.000 – €5.000 €700 – €2.500
Laser-Assisted Liposuction €5.000-€10.500 €3.200 – €6.800 N/A N/A €1900 – €3100
VASER Liposuction €10.000-€16.000 €4.000 – €10.500 €2.500 – €7.000 €4.000 – €6.500 €2.500 – €5.000
Power-Assisted Liposuction €5.000-€15.000 €3.000 – €10.000 N/A €3.000 – €6.900 N/A
VASER Hi-Def Liposuction €10.000-€20.000 €9.500 – €18.000 N/A €3.000 – €5.000 €2.400 – €4.600
SmartLipo €2.500 – €7.500 €2.300 – €8.000 €1.100 – €2.500 N/A €1.800 – €5.000

Paying for Liposuction

Now that you have learned about the cost of liposuction, you probably came up with an estimation of what your desired surgery will cost you. Let’s move into how you can pay to get it done.

The majority of clinics and/or hospitals provide various types of payment methods for patients. The patient can choose whichever method of payment they are most comfortable with. You should ask your medical provider about the payment methods they can provide and start planning your payment.

Insurance: For hereditary diseases, such as lymphedema, or other irritations on the body that affects the person’s physical health, insurance companies can cover a liposuction procedure. Unfortunately, insurance plans do not cover reshaping practices for cosmetic reasons. Keep in mind that this depends on the country’s medical care system you are planning to get your liposuction surgery.

Up Front: You can make your payment upfront with cash, or as a direct deposit with a wire transfer. If you are traveling abroad to get your liposuction surgery, you should ask if the medical provider you’re talking to can provide this method for you and which currencies they can accept.

Credit: If you are not comfortable with paying with cash, you can use a debit or a credit card to make your payment. There are special medical credit systems and cards available, specifically for healthcare services. However, be mindful of your limit and your interest rate so the procedure doesn’t actually end up being way more expensive.

Payment Plan: You can also pay via a payment plan. This method may increase the interest your bank draws from you. With this method, your overall payment is spread across a period for you to be able to pay it. Missing monthly payments may increase the interest your bank draws from you, and your credit points can decrease.

Medical Travel: There is another way. You can travel abroad for more affordable prices (i.e. Liposuction in Turkey). Countries such as Turkey can offer affordable package deals for tourist patients due to the currency exchange rate and high success/satisfaction rates. But, before you decide, you should contact a consultant to discuss your options on both the surgery and ask about the payment methods available.


Cosmetic procedures in general are perspectively expensive. And factors like the area and/or the amount of treated area, location, surgeon, etc. can affect the price along with it, but, day by day, they are getting more accessible for people, all thanks to the progressing technology.

  • Because of its popularity, liposuction is in high demand all around the world. That is where the experience and success rate of the surgeon become even more relevant. Patients who wish to receive the best results choose to have their lipo surgeries in the hands of an experienced surgeon with a good reputation. All of this, including the city or state where the procedure is to take place, affects the cost of liposuction.
  • Other than location, the surgeon, and the type of lipo; pre-op and post-op care, anesthetic drugs used on your body for the surgery, garments, and prescribed medications can also affect the price. When you are paying for a lipo surgery, you are paying everyone involved in your procedure. Like nurses and anesthesiologists.
  • The steps of your liposuction procedure are priced individually. The final quote given to you by the surgeon and/or the consultant is the total of those steps.
  • Different body parts cost different from each other because it is determined based on the area’s complexity and size. These factors also affect the duration of the procedure. However, the treated area is not the only aspect that affects the cost. The type of liposuction performed can also affect the cost due to the different types of equipment used and the expertise they require.
  • Consider the steps of the procedure that can or may be counted as additional fees, and arrange your budget accordingly.

If you are trying to decide on where to get your liposuction and how much would it cost there, fill out the contact form below and one of our medical consultants will reach out to you. This way, you can get a quote as soon as possible.

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