Hair Transplant in Turkey
An Infographic Of A Hair Transplant

Hair Transplant in Turkey

Hair transplant is one of the most commonly performed cosmetic procedures worldwide, and Turkey is one of the leading destinations for people who want to get hair transplant surgery. Getting a hair transplant in Turkey provides not only a high-quality treatment but also budget-friendly prices. 

According to the Anadolu Agency, around 1 million people came to Turkey for hair transplants and spent approximately $2 billion in 2022. The head of the Turkish Health Tourism Association said that in 2022, half of the turnover from medical tourism was acquired from hair transplants.

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Why do people get hair transplants in Turkey?

A hair transplant in Turkey is a better choice for a variety of reasons, which are:

High-quality facilities

Hospitals and clinics in Turkey are equipped with the latest technological equipment and offer modern and comfortable environments.


Surgeons in Turkey have strong educational backgrounds, years of experience, and keep up with the latest advancements in the medical industry.


Hair transplant clinics in Turkey offer reasonable prices compared to other countries, making the procedure more accessible for the patients.

All-inclusive packages

Hair transplant clinics in Turkey offer all-inclusive packages that everything you need during your whole stay such as hotel, and transportation.

High success rates

The fact that surgeons are highly experienced and the clinics are equipped with the latest technological tools makes the success rates go to the top.

Hair transplant procedure

A hair transplant procedure starts with a hairline design, shaving and continues with the administration of local anesthetics. After the local anesthesia is applied, hair is grafted from the donor area and the grafts are implanted into the balding areas. 

The whole hair transplant procedure takes around 4-8 hours, depending on the amount of the grafts and the preferred technique.

Examination & Hairline Design

At the beginning of the hair transplant procedure, the surgeon examines the hair, explains the procedure steps, and marks the new hairline on the scalp with a pen.

In our clinic in Turkey, we use a 3D scanning robot to show you how your new hairline will look on your head and facial characteristics before continuing the procedure steps.

After the new hairline is designed, the donor area usually in the back of the head gets shaved to 1-2 mm in length. If the long DHI technique is preferred, it may look as if your hair is not shaved at all.

The patient receives sedation, and local anesthetics are applied to the donor and recipient areas. The usually preferred local anesthetic is Lidocaine (C14H22N2O).

Depending on the preferred hair transplant technique, the hair follicles are grafted from the donor areas by using a micro punch tool, a choi pen, or by removing a linear tissue. 

Once the hair is extracted, they are placed in Petri dishes and grouped according to the amount of hair each follicle has. The hair follicles are preserved in Petri dishes at 0-4 degrees until the implantation.

The surgeon makes 1-2 mm length tiny cuts to create channels for the implantation in the recipient area. When the channel opening is done, extracted hair follicles are implanted into the balding areas.

Once the graft implantation is completed, the hair transplant procedure is completed.

Hair transplant techniques

There are various hair transplant techniques used today. The preferred technique creates differences in the operation period itself, recovery, and the overall result of the procedure. Which one is better depends on the patient’s needs and expectations.

Hair Transplant

Sapphire FUE Hair Transplant
(Follicular Unit Extraction)

Sapphire FUE hair transplant is a technique in which hair channels are opened by using a micro punch tool with a sapphire blade. The usage of the sapphire blade makes the procedure different from the traditional FUE technique.

Sapphire is a very sharp gemstone that has antibacterial properties. Opening the channels with sapphire tips allows smoother cuts compared to the usage of traditional metal tips. Smoother cuts together with antibacterial features result in minimal trauma and the formation of scabs, making the healing process a lot faster and easier.

A Picture Of A Hair Transplant

DHI Hair Transplant
(Direct Hair Transplantation)

DHI hair transplant is an advanced procedure where the hair follicles are extracted and implanted in the recipient area by a pen-shaped tool called a choi pen. 

DHI can be considered the least invasive method of hair transplant since it does not require any additional cuts for the channels in the recipient area. The technique also minimizes the time hair follicles spend outside of the body by skipping the channel opening step. This increases the success rate of the transplant.

In addition, if the person has minimal hair loss and needs fewer grafts, the DHI technique can be performed without shaving. 

A Picture Of A Hair Transplant

Long DHI Hair Transplant

Long DHI hair transplant is the latest version of the traditional DHI method. The long DHI technique is preferred by those who want to keep hair transplants confidential. With this technique, the hair is shaved as very thin lines so that it is not noticeable at all.

The long DHI technique is an advanced procedure that requires skilled professionals. Once our expert team performs a long DHI, no one recognizes that you get a hair transplant.

A Picture Of A Hair Transplant

FUT Hair Transplant
(Follicular Unit Transplantation)

FUT hair transplant is a hair transplant procedure in which a strip of tissue is removed from the back of the head and implanted into the balding areas. 

In this technique, you take a piece of skin out. When the skin is taken out, a gap on the back of the head shows up. The gap is closed with stitches. It leaves a linear scar on the back of the head. 

The FUT technique is more invasive than other hair transplantation techniques and leaves a more significant scar. To minimize the undesired consequences, the method requires a highly skilled team.

A Picture Of A Hair Transplant

Hair transplant candidacy

Most people experiencing hair loss can benefit from a hair transplant, however, the best candidacy for hair transplantation would be patients who have:

  • A receding hairline
  • Permanent hair loss
  • Androgenetic alopecia
  • Slow hair loss
  • Sufficient amount of hair in the donor area
  • Realistic expectation
  • Good scalp health
  • Decent general health
Fue Hair Transplant

Benefits of hair transplant

A hair transplant can have a significant impact on a person who has hair loss, both physically and psychologically. It not only improves the hair but also the overall quality of life.

A hair transplant can give patients fuller hair and get rid of the receding hairline. This improvement in the hair results in an enhancement in the patient’s self-esteem, confidence, and social interactions, which leads to an improved life quality.

A Picture Of A Hair Transplant

Hair transplant in Turkey vs the world
cost comparison







The USA 



The UK






How much is a hair transplant in Turkey?

The average cost of a hair transplant in Turkey is around €4500

Factors such as the amount of grafts required, the hair transplant technique, the location of the clinic, and the experience of the surgeon can affect the price.

Save up to 70% by getting a hair transplant in Turkey.
An Infographic Of A Turkey Hair Transplant Package

Hair Transplant in Turkey Before and After Photos

Our patients’ hair transplant results at our clinic.

Hair Transplant Experience in Turkey

Our patients’ experiences of getting a hair transplant in Turkey Istanbul.

Hair Transplant Journey in Turkey

Step-by-step hair transplantation process in Turkey.


Frequently Asked Questions

Is it worth getting a hair transplant in Turkey?

If you consider the affordable prices, high-quality clinics, and experienced doctors, yes, getting a hair transplant in Turkey is definitely worth it. By coming to Turkey for a hair transplant, you get a fantastic hair transplant result at a very affordable price, and you have a chance to experience one of the most beautiful countries in the world.

Is it safe to get a hair transplant in Turkey?

Yes, it is safe to get a hair transplant in Turkey. As long as you choose a reputable hair transplant clinic, with a well-experienced surgeon and a professional staff, it is completely safe to get a hair transplant in Turkey.

Why are hair transplants affordable in Turkey?

Hair transplants in Turkey are affordable for a couple of reasons, which are:

  • Exchange rate 
  • Low living expenses 
  • Large number of patients per year 
  • Competition between healthcare providers

What are the payment options offered?

You can make the payment in cash or by using a credit card. We accept Euro, Dollar, and Pound. To pay by credit card, make sure to use a card valid for international payments.

Are there any additional costs?

No, the all-inclusive hair transplant package covers every aspect of the procedure. You will not face any additional costs after the hair transplant operation. 

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