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When can I sit after BBL? How to sit after BBL with our helpful tips

When can I sit after BBL? How to sit after BBL with our helpful tips

Patients after surgery wonder how quickly they can resume their regular activities. When it comes to the Brazilian Butt Lift procedure, one of the most common questions among the patients is “When can I sit after BBL?“, which is not surprising. Because the main focus of BBL is the buttocks, it is normal for patients to be curious about when will their butt heal and they can sit comfortably again.

In this article, we will provide you tips for sitting after BBL and answer the “When can I sit after BBL”, “How to sit after BBL”, “What happens if you sit on your BBL” or similar questions you probably wonder about post-op BBL sitting period. Without further ado, let’s start right away.

Table of Contents

Not sitting after BBL: A myth or not?

The “not sitting after BBL mythis actually true and it is the most crucial part of the BBL recovery. Sitting right after the surgery is not healthy and will affect your final results. Also, you will even realize that sitting early is not a good idea. Because the swelling can cause pain and your butt will be stiff from newly transferred fat. Meaning that even if you try to sit, it will be uncomfortable.

Can you sit on your butt after BBL?

No, you should avoid it at all costs! Your newly placed fat will be delicate and they will need plenty of blood supply after the surgery. If you sit, the pressure can suffocate these fat cells and cause unwanted complications. After several weeks, some surgeons say it’s okay to sit for 20-30 minutes and stand periodically while some allow sitting with BBL pillows only. So, what we understand here is you will have a distant friendship with sitting for a while. 

Sitting timeline after BBL

We said that you will have a long-distance friendship with sitting after Brazilian Butt Lift surgery. But how long will it take and when will you be together again? To give you a proper answer, we made a brief timeline for it. Here, let us answer the “When can I sit after  BBL” question in detail. 

First two weeks

This is the most important period for you. Sitting after BBL will be prohibited for the first 2 weeks because your fat cells will be unstable and sensitive. However, it will be alright to use the bathroom as long as you finish the job quickly. Still, you should use a pillow for sitting on the toilet. Remember, the pressure shouldn’t be on your butt.

In addition, if you are a patient who went to another country to get a BBL, using a BBL pillow on the plane for a while is acceptable. As long as you don’t apply any direct pressure, there will be no problems. 

Three to eight weeks

After three weeks or a month, your fat will be more stable than before. This means you will start spending more time with your BBL pillows. Also, some surgeons may allow their patients to sit for around 30 minutes without a pillow as long as they stand periodically during these weeks. However, doing that may cause unexpected complications and extend your recovery period. Then, when can you sit after BBL without pillow? After the 2nd month, you can sit as comfortably as you like.

Apart from sitting, you can help the new fat to settle in its new home by helping your body’s blood circulation after a month. Continue wearing your garments, go for daily short walks, and feed your fat with healthy foods to boost your blood flow and make grafted fats embrace their new place faster.

What happens if you sit on your BBL?

You can damage or ruin your BBL. If you sit on your butt for a long time, blood circulation will be decreased (1). As a result, the fat may not get sufficient blood supply and die. This will lead to a complication called fat necrosis. When it happens, you may lose volume and these dead fat cells will create firm lumps, thus ruining both your appearance and BBL results. So, avoiding prolonged periods of sitting for 2 months is the best thing you can do to reach your dream body.

Tips for sitting after BBL

We have learned the reasons why can’t you sit down after a BBL. Now it’s time to explain how can you sit after a BBL efficiently. At first, it can feel weird or uncomfortable to sit on your thighs but it will be temporary and we have lots of options down there for you to try. Test every one of them to decide how will you maintain your comfort for the following weeks of recovery.

Use BBL pillows

The first and most essential supply for BBL patients: Booty pillows. Without these, you can’t continue your daily activities after BBL. But why? Special BBL pillows allow you to apply pressure on your thighs and make your butt suspended in the air. Thanks to them, your butt will be free of pressure while traveling, driving, sleeping, or using the bathroom after BBL.

The basic booty pillow has a curvy or wavy shape for your thighs to fit. Apart from that, there are big cushions with a hole in the middle and U-shaped, or donut-shaped pillows for you to sit or lay comfortably. Also, there is a cylindrical pillow specially made for bathroom usage which is known as a BBL toilet seat lifter.

Sit backward on a chair

When you don’t have your BBL cushion with you or something similar around you, sitting backward on a chair can save the moment. However, you have to sit on your thighs for this to work. Don’t try to sit on the whole chair, sit on the edge of it. Let your butt hang down and sit on your thighs as same as you do with the pillows.

Use special furniture

If you think pillows or sitting backward on a chair is not comfortable enough for you, worry not. There are special items such as BBL chairs or mattresses. With BBL chairs, we don’t mean the regular chairs which are used for dining or in offices. We are talking about chairs that are inflatable and look like a beanbag, except it has a spot for your butt to hang in the air. Mattresses are inflatable as well and have a hole in the middle for you to lie down without any concern.

Create your own comfort zone

Let’s say that you don’t want to use your money on booty pillows after surgery. Then what you have to do is be creative and create an alternative to BBL pillows. Can your couch’s sitting cushions move?  Take advantage of it and move these pillows accordingly to create a pocket for your buttocks. You can also roll up a towel to use for sitting on the toilet. Moreover, if you want a next-level dedication, sew your own comfortable pillow before the surgery.

Lay on your stomach

If you find sitting during your BBL recovery process is not comfortable at all, then you only have one choice which is laying on your stomach whenever you can. This is also one of the best options to sleep after BBL surgery. With your butt being above the body, it is undoubtedly the easiest way to rest or sleep after BBL.

In conclusion, how you seat during your recovery period will determine your BBL results. Do not put excess pressure on your butt and benefit from elevated cushions to rest properly. Also, do not hesitate to consult your surgeon whenever you have any questions.

  • (1) Perdomo SJ, Gibbs BB, Kowalsky RJ, Taormina JM, Balzer JR. Effects of Alternating Standing and Sitting Compared to Prolonged Sitting on Cerebrovascular Hemodynamics. Sport Sci Health. 2019 Aug;15(2):375-383. doi: 10.1007/s11332-019-00526-4. Epub 2019 Jan 23. PMID: 31814853; PMCID: PMC6897374.
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