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Shelf vs Slope BBL: How different are they?

Shelf vs Slope BBL: How different are they?

Are you having a hard time understanding the difference between shelf vs slope BBL? When you look at the slope vs shelf BBL pics they may look the same to you, but once you understand the difference, you will see that they are completely different in n terms of their shape, the targeted area, and the technique that is used to create the figure. Once you understand how shelf vs slope BBL works, you will have a better idea of what type of shape will fit you the best. 

In this article, we are going to compare shelf vs slope BBL, why patients go for them, what techniques are used to create each, and more to explain the differences between them clearly so that you can decide the one that you desire and go for it without hesitation.

Table of Contents

What is Shelf BBL?

Shelf BBL is one of the buttock shapes that people reach with the BBL procedure. A shelf-shaped BBL butt has lots of projection at the upper part of the buttocks, right under the waist. It has an overall projected, round appearance but the focus is on the top of the butt.

It is called shelf BBL because targeting the upper part of the buttocks creates a sharp transition from the waist to the butt as if you can put something on it and it can balance there without any problem. Another resemblance can be made with an upside-down lollipop. The waist becomes straight like the stick and the lollipop sticks out with a sudden circle shape.

What is the technique for Shelf BBL?

The key point of the Shelf BBL is the lats injections. Laterals are placed right under the waist, in the upper part of the buttocks. The injection of fat into the lats gives the shelf like shape, the projection that the top of the butt.

This doesn’t mean that only lats injection is needed to create the shelf-shaped butt. The fat is injected into the whole butt to create complete fullness, but the focus will be on the upper part. You can check out our hips vs lats BBL article to understand the placement of lats and have a better understanding of the shelf and slope fat transfer techniques.

Why do people go for Shelf BBL?

People go for shelf BBL because they want to have a very projected butt, sharp curves, and a very pronounced figure. The thinnest waist possible with a dramatic projection and transition creates a body very similar to an hourglass shape which is the dream of many women, making patients undergo BBL operation to get that kind of buttocks shape.

Shelf BBL is usually far from a natural look because natural buttocks usually don’t have the dramatic transition from the waist to the butt, they have a soft body contour. In natural buttocks, the projection is seen little by little as you go down from the waist.

Advantages of Shelf BBL

If your expectations from the Brazilian Butt Lift operation correspond to the advantages of shelf BBL, this means you are a perfect match for it. The advantages show the outcomes of the BBL procedure and the kind of butt you will have after the procedure.

The shelf BBL procedure gives you:

  • A butt with lots of projection
  • Firm and round, and fuller buttocks
  • Very sharp curves
  • Vixen body shape

What is Slope BBL?

Slope BBL is another shape that people reach with BBL surgery. It has lots of volume in the lower part of the buttocks. The shape gradually gets voluminous and curvier from the waist to the bottom of the buttocks, because the focus of slope BBL is in the down part. As the name suggests, the butt is narrow at the top and wider at the bottom. 

What is the technique for Slope BBL?

To achieve the slope shape, the plastic surgeon injects the fat gradually from the top of the hips to the bottom. Since the aim is to create a natural-looking shape, the injections are focused on the middle and lower part of the buttocks to create a curve and voluminous appearance at the bottom.

Why do people want to get Slope BBL?

The main reason people go for a sloped shape is the desire for a natural-looking appearance because it is very similar to a natural butt shape. Natural buttocks generally don’t stick out right below the waist, it starts to get curvy from the middle part of the buttocks and continues to downwards. Slope BBL creates the same naturally contoured figure.

Don’t let the natural-looking phrase mislead you. Brazilian Butt Lift is a cosmetic surgery performed to make great enhancements in the buttocks, which means even if the shape is natural, the changes are significant. Slope BBL gives you a dramatic appearance with a curvy body that looks very natural.

Advantages of Slope BBL

So, what does a Slope Brazilian Butt Lift procedure offer to the patient? We listed the benefits of it so that you can see them as a whole and decide if it is what you are expecting to get by undergoing the BBL operation.

Slope BBL procedure gives you:

  • A natural butt shape
  • Gradual curves
  • Voluminous buttocks
  • Bottom part projection

Comparing Shelf vs Slope BBL

So far we learned everything about the slope and shelf BBL. In the below, we made a short comparison summarizing the points we mentioned throughout the article. Seeing the comparison of two things together always gives a better understanding of the subject. Let’s highlight the difference between shelf vs slope BBL in terms of appearance and focus.


They look exactly like their names suggest. Shelf buttocks shape look like a unit that is used to hold objects. After it gets its curve from the waist to the buttocks, the upper surface is very horizontal that if you put a cup on it, it can stay still.

Slope buttocks have the form of their name, just like a hill. The hill looks narrow at the top and wide at the bottom. It gets broadened little by little as you look downwards. Slope BBL looks the same, it gets widened gradually from the waist to the bottom.


Shelf BBL focuses on the projection, while Slope BBL focuses on a gradual curve. In shelf BBL, the plastic surgeon makes injections that target the laterals, the top part of the buttocks. In slope BBL, the injections are focused on the middle and down part of the butt to create a softer curve. 

Which BBL shape is good for shelf vs slope?

Regardless of the body structure, it is possible to create the desired shape to a large extent with BBL surgery. However, certain butt shapes can be an excellent match with shelf or slope BBL and can create perfect results in the end. 

Square (H) and Round (O) shapes

H and O butt-shaped BBL patients are perfect matches for shelf BBL. Since these shapes have fat at the upper part of the hips, getting a shelf BBL will improve the existing curves, fixes the appearance of hip dips, add more volume and projection, and create more protruding buttocks. 

Heart (A) and Inverted (V) shapes

Slope BBL enhances the A shape’s existing gradual volume at the bottom part of the hips and creates curvier buttocks. Also, since a V-shaped butt lacks the curves at the bottom part of the butt, getting a slope BBL fills the lover part and gives the patient a more voluminous butt.

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