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Mini BBL: A subtle but effective procedure for butt enhancement

Mini BBL: A subtle but effective procedure for butt enhancement

Do you want to get BBL but don’t want dramatic changes on your buttocks? If yes, Mini BBL is here for you. Mini BBL is the procedure where modest changes are made in the buttock shape. It is the best choice for people who wants to have a more contoured and natural-looking body figure. Don’t let the term “modest changes” mislead you, modest changes can create a brand-new appearance. 

In this article, we are going to talk about Mini Brazilian Butt Lift, its differences from a regular BBL, its benefits, risks, and more to make you completely informed about this procedure. Let’s start by answering the question “What is a mini BBL?”

Table of Contents

What is mini BBL?

Mini BBL or Micro BBL is a plastic surgery performed to make improvements in the buttocks. This procedure enhances the shape of the butt, improves hip dips, and creates a curvier butt. The improvements are made with small amounts of fat, that’s why the aim of the procedure is not to make extreme changes in the butt, the aim is to create a more improved and aesthetically pleasing appearance.

What can it fix?

People choose to get mini BBL to fix issues such as flat butt, hip dips, or lack of body contour. A small amount of fat injection helps to give the butt more volume, get rid of hip dips and create a curvier butt with a more contoured body figure.

  • Flat buttocks
  • Hip dips
  • Lack of curves
  • Lack of body contour

How much fat is transferred in Mini BBL?

In mini BBL, around 400cc can be transferred into each buttock. The amount of fat that needs to be transferred changes depending on the desired appearance. For example, a fuller look may require more fat than only correcting hip dips. Your surgeon will decide on the required amount of fat after analyzing the butt and your expectations from the procedure.

How is Mini BBL different from other BBL types?

Mini BBL and other BBL types are very similar to each other, but they focus on different aspects of the procedure. Focusing on different aspects makes each of them distinct procedures, and the patient types who go for them are completely different. 

Mini vs Regular BBL

Regular BBL is performed to make remarkable differences in the buttocks. Since large volumes of fat are transferred, the changes in the butt are significant, general anesthesia is required, the surgery takes about 2-4 hours and recovery takes longer. With regular BBL operation, the butt becomes way bigger, voluminous, and curvier.

However, Mini BBL is performed to make small enhancements on the butt. In a Mini BBL procedure, a small amount of fat is suctioned and transferred into the butt, that’s why it can be performed under sedation or local anesthesia, the surgery takes about 1-2 hours and the recovery period is shorter. With a small amount of fat, only small improvements can be made, that’s why Mini BBL is ideal for fixing hip dips and gives the butt a more contoured, curvier look.

Mini vs Petite vs Skinny BBL

As we mentioned, the point of the mini BBL surgery is to make small improvements with a small amount of fat. Your body type doesn’t matter in mini BBL. However, in petite BBL and skinny BBL, what matters is the body type.

Petite BBL is performed on small-framed women who are 5’4″ or lower in height, while skinny BBL is performed on skinny women with a BMI of 22 and less. Skinny bbl also uses small volumes of fat to make improvements, but it is only performed on skinny women, contrary to mini BBL.

Is it safer than other types of BBL?

We cannot say that Mini BBL is safer than other types of BBL, but we can say that the complication risks may be lower. The fact that only a small amount of fat is required for mini BBL can lower the possibility of many complications because the surgeon operates less on the body.

For example, the cannula will damage surrounding tissue less during Mini BBL compared to other types of BBL. This can lower the complication risks that may be caused by the cannula.

Why mini BBL can be better?

Mini Brazilian Butt Lift procedure can be a better option depending on the patients and their needs. For example, it can be suitable for people who don’t have so much fat in their body and still wants to get BBL. Or, it can be better for people who want to have a curvier shape but don’t want to have extreme differences in the buttocks.

Also, Micro Brazilian Butt Lift can be a better match for people who want to improve the shape of their butt but don’t want to go that harsh on their bodies. Additionally, since its price is more pocket friendly than a BBL, it can be a better option for people who don’t want to spend on a BBL that much

Who's a good candidate?

You must meet certain requirements to be qualified for Mini BBL. The requirement criteria can be divided into two, which are your expectations, and your health condition. These ensure the safety and satisfaction of the patients. For more information on the requirements to undergo BBL surgery, you can check our article on the subject.

You are an ideal candidate for mini BBL if you: 

  • Want a curvier butt
  • Want to get rid of hip dips
  • Have enough body fat for transfer
  • Are healthy for surgery
  • Can stop smoking or if you are a nonsmoker
  • Have a realistic expectation

Will you need to gain weight?

Weight gain before a BBL surgery is not recommended. When you gain weight, fat can accumulate anywhere in the body. You may wish your lipo areas to get fat, but you can gain weight from other parts of the body. This can change your body figure and no one would want to experience it before undergoing a BBL operation. You should get the surgery with your current weight.

What is the procedure for mini BBL?

Mini BBL surgery is performed with sedation, local or general anesthesia, depending on the patient’s choice. Once the patient is settled, the plastic surgeon makes incisions and suctions the fat from certain parts of the body with a cannula, a long thin tube. Generally, the fat is suctioned from the sides of the waist or thighs to give the desired curvy shape. 

When the fat harvesting is done, it is time to prepare the fat for the transfer. The surgeon cleans the fat in a solution and removes the harmful components. This way, the fat is purified and now it can be transferred to the buttocks.

Finally, it is time for fat grafting. The surgeon makes small cuts around the buttock region and injects the purified fat cells. When the butt reached the aimed contour, the Mini BBL surgery is completed and now you have the butt you always dreamed of.

Benefits & risks of Mini BBL

It is time for one of the important sections of the article, the benefits and risks. The upsides and downsides of the procedure show the outcomes of the surgery. After learning them, you will know what is ahead of you, and what can you expect from the procedure.

Benefits of Mini BBL:

  • Corrected hip dips
  • Natural-looking, rounder buttocks
  • Body similar to an hourglass shape
  • Easier and faster recovery time
  • Fewer incisions
  • Self-esteem gain
  • Long-lasting results

Risks of Mini BBL:

  • Asymmetry among buttocks
  • Dissatisfaction with the results
  • Swelling of the butt
  • Itching after surgery
  • Scarring of incisions

While the risk factors of a Small Brazilian Butt Lift are the same as other types of BBL, as we mentioned, they will be milder or less likely to happen. 

Recovery period

The recovery process will be similar to a regular BBL recovery, however, it will be much easier and faster. Since it only takes about 1-2 hours, the stress that surgery puts on the body will be less. Also, if the surgery wasn’t performed with general anesthesia, you won’t have its side effects and the days following the surgery will be easier for you. Plus, since only a small amount of fat transfer is needed, performing liposuction in fewer areas will be enough, which means less tissue damage and incisions.

Combining procedures with Mini BBL

Same as a regular BBL, you can have combo procedures with Micro BBL. A tummy tuck, breast augmentation, arm lift, and 360 lipo combos are popular options among BBL patients. However, you should discuss this with your surgeon during the consultation to see if your body can deal with 2 procedures at the same time. 

The results

Right after the surgery, your hip dips will be gone and you will meet your new curvier butt. However, the final results of Micro BBL take about 3-6 months because the butt shows the final shape when it is completely healed. Until that time, the butt will have swelling, the body will heal the damaged areas in the buttocks, and fat will try to settle in its new place, that’s why you have to wait for it.

Maintaining the results & longevity of the procedure

The mini BBL results can even last 10 years, but you have to take care of your weight. You must maintain a stable weight if you want your results to stay longer. If you gain weight, you will end up with a bigger butt. If you lose weight, you will lose fat from the buttocks and the results will be lost.

What to do if the results are not satisfactory?

In a situation where the micro BBL results didn’t satisfy you, if you think the butt didn’t end up the way you desire, you can undergo revision surgery. With the BBL revision surgery, the irregularities can be fixed and the butt can be further improved in a way that you desire. For more detailed information, you can check out our article on how a BBL revision works to understand what can be done for your BBL buttocks.

Cost of Mini BBL

The average cost of Mini BBL is around $9000. However, the price can show a big difference between the countries because location is the major factor that affects the price. If you choose to get Mini BBL in Europe, for example in Turkey, you can get like 3 Mini BBL for the USA price. 

That is because of the cost of health care and the exchange rate. Health care is very expensive in the USA, but not in Turkey. Also, the exchange rate is different in Turkey which makes the prices easily affordable for international patients.

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