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How to use the bathroom after a BBL: Sanitary tips & tricks

How to use the bathroom after a BBL: Sanitary tips & tricks

The question of “how to use the bathroom after a BBL” is one of the questions that come to mind after the operation. Sitting is not allowed for a long time after this plastic surgery, especially in the initial recovery period. But you have to sit when you use the bathroom. In such a situation, how to sit on toilet after BBL?

The point is not to put pressure on the butt, and it may sound somewhat challenging. But still, there are certain ways that can help you to use the bathroom after a BBL operation. These ways will not only let you sit comfortably but also greatly help you while using the bathroom weeks after surgery.

In this article, we are going to talk about the question “How to use the bathroom after a BBL?”, and give Brazilian butt lift recovery tips special to the bathroom, to help you get through this healing process easily.

Table of Contents

First things first: Organize your bathroom

You can start by changing your bathroom carpet if it is slippery. You should avoid slippery surfaces because if you fall down on your butt, you may experience bruising or swelling in that area. You must protect your new butt from any direct pressure or damage to get the best result from the BBL procedure and to have a comfortable recovery time.

For the same reason, if there are items that could cause you to trip and fall, you should remove them. In addition to these, if you remove the stuff on the sides of the toilet and create some space for yourself, it will be helpful while you are using it.

Also, you can install toilet grab bars before the Brazilian Butt Lift surgery. These bars which are installed on two sides of the toilet will help you to use the toilet without putting prolonged pressure on your butt. They can help you to squat on the toilet, which allows you to do your thing without sitting. These can greatly help in your recovery process.

Using the restroom correctly after BBL

Sitting is not allowed for about 2 months after the Brazilian Butt Lift procedure. Even if sitting is not allowed, some surgeons say that you can use the bathroom while sitting just for short periods. However, to maximize the efficiency of the surgery, you should avoid sitting directly on your butt in any case during the recovery period, especially in the first weeks.

How to urinate?

Let’s start with the easiest one, how to go number one after BBL? You can urinate easily with the help of:

  • A female urinal
  • Squatting & bathroom bars
  • BBL toilet seat lifter

But how do they help? Let’s dive into details and learn how to use the bathroom after a BBL.

Female urinal

In a case where you are not allowed to sit, a female urinal can be a big help. A female urinal allows you to pee without sitting down on the toilet seat. There are so many different kinds of female urinals. You should do some research, read the reviews before buying, and decide on the best one. Using the female urinal can be a bit challenging, so it is best to practice before going into the post-surgery period so that after the BBL you won’t have a problem with it.

Squatting & Bathroom bars

Another way of emptying your bladder without sitting is squatting. You can simply squat on the toilet. If it is hard for you to stay still while squatting, you can get help from bathroom bars. You can place the bathroom bars next to the toilet as we previously mentioned. Bathroom bars will give you the support you need while squatting. This can be a safer way of squatting because you must avoid falling down during your Butt Lift recovery process.

BBL toilet seat lifter

You can also use a BBL toilet seat lifter to avoid sitting on your buttocks for prolonged periods. It is a half-cylindrical foam, similar to Brazilian butt lift pillows. You place it in the front part of the toilet. When you sit, only your thighs sit on it, and your butt will be higher, touching nowhere. This way, peeing can be easier.

How to pass stool?

 You can have an easier bowel movement with the help of:

  • Squatting & bathroom bars
  • BBL toilet seat lifter
  • A towel
  • Sitting backward

These practices won’t let you put pressure on your butt. Now let’s discover how they do this.

Get help from products

As with peeing, you can get support from the bathroom bars and try squatting. But in cases where it takes longer, it may not be easy to squat for a long period of time. In this situation, a BBL toilet seat lifter can be your biggest help. BBL seat lifter will not allow you to sit on your butt. It will put pressure only on your upper thighs. This way you will be half sitting and it will be easier for you to have a bowel movement.

Do it on your own

If you don’t want to buy a BBL toilet seat lifter, you can use a towel alternative to BBL pillows. When you roll the towel in a cylinder shape, it will look very similar to a toilet lifter and serve the same purpose. It may not be as good as a BBL seat pillow, but it will work. 

Or, you can try sitting backward on the toilet seat. When you sit backwards and lean forward, your butt is not gonna touch the toilet seat, only your thighs will. This helps you to avoid putting pressure on your butt. You can give it a try.

How to wipe after BBL?

Passing stool after BBL leads to another question: how to wipe easily? It can be hard to wipe, by leaning over backward as usual because your butt will be very firm and it will be hard to separate the buttocks. However, if you sit on the toilet in reverse as we previously mentioned, bending down from the front and wiping can be easier.

Also, you can try lifting one of your legs up and then wiping. Make sure you are not going to fall while trying to lift a leg up, you can hold on to something near. You should try these methods and choose the easiest one for yourself.

How to deal with constipation after BBL

The BBL operation may have some undesirable effects on the body. One of them is constipation which is common to have constipation after BBL surgery. Constipation can extend the time you spent in the bathroom, making your toilet time a burden. To prevent this, you can eat foods that are rich in fiber since they can help with constipation and drink lots of water (1). Avoid herbal supplements or medications for constipation but you can consult your surgeon for a stool softener.

Importance of proper cleaning

The whole bathroom process will be harder than usual in the Brazilian Butt Lift recovery period. You won’t be able to clean your butt as easily as before after the operation. BBL hardens your buttocks, and together with the excess fluids and the new size of the butt, it will not feel the same until you have recovered completely.

Hygiene is always important, and in a situation like this where it gets hard to clean and you have incisions around your butt, you should take care of your hygiene even more than usual.

You should not be harsh and avoid irritating your butt. Take it easy and use soft toilet paper. Large wet wipes can be helpful in this cleaning process since it is wet and large, allowing you to clean properly.

You can also clean your incision sites with gentle soap if you want to keep the bacteria away from the skin. Leaving your surgery areas dirty can lead to unwanted infections after BBL which can extend your post-surgery recovery.

  • (1) Jani, Bhairvi, and Elizabeth Marsicano. “Constipation: Evaluation and Management.” Missouri medicine vol. 115,3 (2018): 236-240.
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