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How to sleep after BBL: 9 tips for comfort & relaxation

How to sleep after BBL: 9 tips for comfort & relaxation

If you are thinking about getting a Brazilian Butt Lift, most probably you know that you are not allowed to put pressure on your butt after the procedure. This may bring the question of “how to sleep after BBL?” since the majority of the sleeping positions require putting pressure on the butt. But of course, it is possible to sleep while protecting your BBL butt. Certain positions and some items will help you during this process.

In this article, we are going to talk about how to sleep after BBL, what is the best way, why it is important, and give some BBL sleeping ideas so that you won’t have problems with sleeping after BBL.

Table of Contents

Sleeping after BBL: All you need to know

How you sleep after BBL is important because it has a big effect on both the recovery period and final results. The way you sleep after BBL can help you in this process or, it can make it go worse. Let’s learn how sleeping style affects the BBL process, starting with the benefits of sleeping correctly.

Benefits of sleeping correctly

Sleeping in the right way after a Brazilian Butt Lift surgery is important because it improves healing and prevents deformations in the new shape of the butt. Sleeping in the correct way prevents you to put pressure on your injection and incision site, which prevents the potential complications of BBL and the pain you would have by sleeping in the wrong way.

Sleeping correctly:

  • Prevents pain
  • Fastens the healing
  • Preserves the butt shape
  • Prevents possible complications that may happen

Let’s continue with what sleeping in the wrong way can cause.

Risks of sleeping wrong

Sleeping in the wrong way after the BBL procedure means putting pressure on the butt while sleeping. It can cause undesired consequences since you are not allowed put pressure on your butt and sleeping takes a long time every single day.

Sleeping in the wrong way:

  • Causes pain
  • Distorts the butt shape
  • Increases complication risks
  • Makes the overall healing harder and slower

Putting pressure on your butt before the newly transferred fat cells settle in their new place can move the fat from its injected position. This can distort the shape of the BBL butt that was formed during the procedure.

Also, putting pressure on your butt while sleeping increases the risk of complications. For example, if you put pressure on your butt, this means you apply pressure on the blood vessels and you are going to limit blood flow. A problem in blood circulation can make the new fat cells die, and they may need to be removed. Again, since you will put pressure on the lymphatic vessels as well, the swelling will subside more slowly and it will make you very uncomfortable. The pressure can also make the incisions go worse over time.

In short, sleeping in the wrong way have unpleasant effects on your BBL. It will be hard to recover, the recovery process will be very slow, and most probably you will not be happy with your final BBL result due to the complications and deformations in its shape.

When can you sleep normally after BBL?

You can sleep normally after about 2 months following the BBL surgery. By waiting around 2 months, you are giving time for the surgery site to be healed, which reduces the complication risks. Over time, newly transferred fat settles in its new place so that you don’t have to worry about its shape. The swelling starts to be gone and the incisions start to heal. You can also give your BBL surgeon a visit to see if your butt is getting better and get their approval to sleep however you like.

Sleeping tips for BBL recovery

The challenge with sleeping after BBL is not to put pressure on the butt. This can be an easy or difficult situation depending on the patient’s sleeping habits. However, there are several ways and you can decide what is the most comfortable position for you by trying. So, what are the ways to sleep after BBL? Let’s start by learning what you should avoid at all costs and then see your options.

Avoid lying on your back

The first and only rule: do not lie directly on your back. Lying on the back is the primary thing you must not do because it puts direct pressure on the butt. You may be thinking when can I lay on my back after BBL? Until you are able to sleep normally, about 2 months later.

On your stomach

The best way to sleep after BBL is to sleep on your stomach. But why is that? While you sleep on your stomach, the front side of the body is exposed to pressure, and the back side is pressure-free, which is what we need in the BBL recovery.

If you are a back sleeper, sleeping on your stomach may be troubling in the first week but your body will get used to it over time. If you think it is very hard to sleep on your stomach, you can try to get used to sleeping like this before the surgery day comes.

On your side

A question that comes through every patient’s mind is, can I sleep on my side after BBL? It is usually not recommended to sleep on your side especially if fat is injected into the outer edges. However, if you are only able to sleep on your side, and your surgeon agrees with that, you should try to put your weight on the front rather than the back to minimize the pressure on your sides.

Pillows, BBL beds, or your own couch

In a case where the other options don’t work for you or are not comfortable at all, how to lay on your back after BBL? You can try using certain helpful items such as BBL pillows and mattresses. These items don’t let you put pressure on your butt while lying back. By placing a BBL pillow under your thighs and supporting your back with regular pillows, your butt doesn’t touch the bed when you lie down. This position allows you to sleep safely, without putting pressure on the butt.

A BBL mattress is another option that you may want to give a try. The mattress is a soft bed-like thing that has a hole in the middle. When you place your butt in the hole, the butt stays up there and is free from the pressure.

You can also make your own BBL bed by placing regular pillows under your head, back, and thighs. Another alternative is to move the couch cushions and create an empty space in the middle. You can also put extra pillows to make it higher.

What to do for a comfortable sleep?

Sleeping is important in the BBL recovery period because the body heals itself while sleeping. After BBL, sleeping will be hard compared to before, and you need to make this process easier as much as you can. For this reason, we learned about how to sleep after BBL, and now it is time to learn how to sleep comfortably after BBL.

In the paragraphs below, we talked about some points that may be helpful for a comfortable sleep, in addition to BBL sleeping ideas.

Wear your compression garments

Wearing your compression garments also while you sleeping will help you in the long term. BBL compression garments improve blood circulation and decrease swelling and discomfort. When all of these come together, a comfortable sleep is possible.

Use your medication

If your plastic surgeon prescribed a medication for you, you should definitely take it. Your prescribed medication will most likely be painkillers and antibiotics. They will reduce your pain and discomfort. This way you can have more quality sleep during the recovery period.

Avoid caffeine and alcohol

A widely known fact, caffeine can hinder sleep (1). For this reason, you should avoid drinking coffee right before sleeping. It is best to stop taking caffeine 6 hours before sleeping. Also, alcohol can reduce sleep quality, so to get better sleep, you may want to reconsider your caffeine and alcohol intake during your healing process.

Mind what and when you eat

You shouldn’t eat right before going to bed, especially heavy dishes. Eating at night can make it hard to fall asleep and reduce sleep quality. While you are sleeping, the body switches into resting mode, and digesting becomes more difficult. You should eat your last meal 3 hours before going to sleep.

  • (1) Drake C; Roehrs T; Shambroom J; Roth T. Caffeine effects on sleep taken 0, 3, or 6 hours before going to bed. J Clin Sleep Med 2013;9(11):1195-1200.
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