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Hips vs lats BBL: Which one should you choose?

Hips vs Lats BBL: Which one should you choose?

Hips vs lats BBL, which one do you prefer? During the BBL surgery, the surgeon injects the fat into specific areas to shape the butt. Since hips and lats are different parts of the lower body, they shape the butt differently. Understanding the difference between hips and lats can be challenging for some people, but it is a very important topic if you are considering getting a BBL. The shape is one of the primary factors that play a role in the patient’s satisfaction, and these injections affect the overall shape of the butt. 

In this article, we are going to compare hips vs lats BBL and explain which butt type suits each injection, to make it easy for you to understand the difference between a hip injection and a lats injection. 

Table of Contents

BBL Hip injections

Hip injections are the injection of fat into the hips to create the desired butt shape during the BBL surgery. But where does the plastic surgeon inject the fat when we talk about BBL hips? Let’s imagine the area where the hips are located. 

Visualize one of your buttocks and divide it into three equal pieces from the top to the bottom. When we talk about the hips, we talk about the middle and lower parts of the butt. Not the part exactly under the waist, the middle and lower parts, which are near to thighs. 

How does hip injection affect the butt shape?

Hip injections make the butt look more naturally voluminous and curvier. The natural butt shape gets wider as you move downwards, little by little, and hip injections are made in the same way. The fat is injected gradually from the upper part of the hip to the bottom. BBL hip injections improve the natural proportions since the fat is injected into the area where it naturally exists. The fat transfer into the hips gives the butt the teardrop and slope shape.

Types of hip injections

There are two types of Brazilan Butt Lift hips injections, based on the injection placement. These types of fat injections target different areas of the hips, and together they improve the entire shape and buttocks fullness. 

Upper hip

As the name suggests, upper hip injections are made on the upper part of the hip. It makes the curve and volume start to form on the upper side, allowing the butt to look more natural as it goes down. Upper hip injections allow the butt to have a gradual transition from the waist to the bottom of the hip.

Lower hip

Brazilian Butt Lift lower hip injections are made on the bottom of the hips, giving the lower part a more voluminous and curvy look. It maintains the curve on the lower side and gives the buttocks an overall definition. The lower hip injection also provides a slopey BBL.

Which patients are good for hip focused injection?

Heart (A) and Inverted (V) shaped butts are suitable for hip injections. Heart-shaped butts are narrow at the top and wide at the bottom. The hip injection will improve the natural shape of the butt by making it more voluminous and curvier.

The Inverted shape is also a good match for hip injection. An inverted-shaped butt is curvy and full at the top but not at the bottom. The hip injection will fill the lower side of the hips and make it rounder, allowing the curve to go down to the bottom.

BBL Lateral injections

So, what are lats BBL? In the same way, think about your butt as 3 equal pieces. When we talk about BBL laterals, we talk about the upper part of the butt, right below the waist. It is called “lateral” because of the “Latissimus Dorsi” muscle, which is located in the back and extends to the sides.

How does lat injection affect the butt shape?

Lat injections make the butt stand out right below the waist. The injected fat creates an outstanding projection and curve. The curve and the transition from the waist to the butt are very sharp since the fat is injected directly under the waist. BBL lats injection gives the butt more of a vixen appearance and a shelf shape. 

Which patients are good for lats injection?

Square (H) and Round (O) butt types are good matches with lats injections, especially for achieving the heart shape. The square butt type usually has a curve right below the waist. What a lats injection do is improve the projection an H-shaped butt already has. Also, a round-shaped butt which is also known as a bubble butt good for lats injection. It has a round, full feature, and lats injections compliment the butt with more projection.

Hips vs Lats: Which one is better?

As we mentioned, certain butt types are good for certain fat injections, however, which one is better for you depends on your expectations from the procedure, regardless of your butt type. What kind of shape you want to have matters the most because usually, it is possible to make both of the injections on all butt types.

Comparing the advantages

Comparing the advantages is one of the best ways to see in what aspects they are different from each other. It shows you what they focus on, and allows you to compare them with your expectations to see which could suit you the best. Let’s compare the advantages of hips vs lats BBL.

BBL Lat injection

BBL Hip injection

  • Projection
  • Volume
  • Sharp curve
  • Gradual curve
  • Vixen-look
  • Natural-look
  • Focuses on the top
  • Focuses on the mid and the bottom

If you want your butt to stick out right under the waist, if you want a more buttock projection and sharp body contour, BBL lats injections may be the best choice for you. Or, if your goal is to have a natural-looking butt shape with lots of volume, and a natural figure, BBL hips injections may be a better option.

How to choose between them?

For the best Brazilian Butt Lift procedure outcome, you should discuss your preference with your surgeon. After analyzing the buttocks and listening to your expectations from the procedure, the surgeon will tell you which would fit your expectations the best. The butt will turn out the way you want as long as it is achievable.

For more information, we have an article that covers all Brazilian Butt Lift shapes, types, fat placement, and what kind of look they create. You can go through all shapes & types, and see which butt shape & fat placement would suit your natural butt shape the best.

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