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Double BBL: How it works for the second time

Everything you need to know before getting a double BBL

Have you undergone a BBL procedure but feel that it is not enough? If you want to further improve your buttocks, you can get the second one, the double BBL. By undergoing double BBL, you can go beyond the ordinary results and reach outstanding enhancements on the buttocks. Getting a second BBL is not rare, it is pretty common among BBL patients.

In this article, we are going to talk about double BBL, when can you get it, its benefits, risks, cost, and more so that there is no unanswered question in your mind. Let’s start with the basics, what is a double BBL?

Table of Contents

What is double BBL?

If a person gets BBL for the second time, it is called double BBL. Let’s say that you get a BBL, you liked your new butt so much that you want to go for the second round. You want to make it even more voluminous and have a more contoured body shape. In such a situation, you get double Brazilian Butt Lift and reach your body goals.

When can you get the second BBL?

You can get double BBL at least 6 months after the initial operation because the body needs to heal the damaged tissue from the first BBL surgery. Also, the blood supply which was separated during the operation needs to reconnect itself before operating in the same area again.

Another reason is the skin’s condition. When the plastic surgeon injects the fat in the first BBL, the skin gets tightened since the fat fills the area. To make you understand better, when you blow up a balloon, the balloon’s texture which was very soft in the begging starts to be stretched and tightened as you blow it up. When you understand the balloon reached its limit, you stop blowing.

The same with the skin, when the surgeon fills the buttocks with fat, the skin gets stretched and tightened. When the skin reaches its peak point, the surgeon stops injecting the fat. However, the skin adapts to the new volume and gets softened over time, that’s why you can get a double BBL procedure and put in more fat.

Why do people go for extra rounds?

People go for extra rounds because they want to improve their BBL results even more. Initial BBL surgery may help them to reach their desired body, but they may want to enhance it further. They may want to have bigger, fuller buttocks, a figure even more similar to an hourglass. That’s why people go for extra rounds and make more improvements to their bodies.

Details on getting double BBL

What about the benefits and risks of it? Understanding the possible outcomes of the procedure is a very important step in the decision-making process. Let’s continue to discover double BBL and get the answers to these questions. 


The benefit of a double Brazilian Butt Lift is that it gives you the body contour you wish for, the one that you couldn’t reach with the first BBL. It creates a more aesthetically pleasing appearance, making you feel more confident with your body.

Benefits of double BBL:

  • A bigger, curvier butt
  • Fat reduction in certain body parts
  • More contoured look, similar to an hourglass
  • Self-confidence gain


The risks of getting BBL for the second time are the same as the first BBL risks. However, if liposuction is performed at the same site twice, double BBL may carry more risk of skin defects such as a lumpy appearance or scarring. When you do more changes to an area that has already been altered, the chances of irregularities can be increased.

Potential risks of double BBL:

  • Dissatisfaction
  • Asymmetry
  • Bleeding
  • Swelling
  • Skin defects


The double Brazilian Butt Lift recovery time will be similar to the first BBL recovery. You will avoid sitting on your butt, wear your faja, and get massages. However, if the surgery is performed in the same areas as the first one, it may be slightly hard to recover. You may have more bruising and more swelling, and the recovery may take a bit longer than before.


After the double BBL operation, you will have the butt you always dreamed of. The double BBL surgery will make the butt bigger, and fuller and give the body a more contoured appearance. However, just like the first BBL operation, you will have to wait for about 6 months to see the final results. Your buttocks need to be healed and the swelling must be gone so that you the BBL butt can show its final appearance.

Will results last longer with a second BBL?

No, getting the same cosmetic procedure for the second time doesn’t make the results last longer. However, BBL surgery results are almost permanent, as long as you don’t gain or lose excessive weight after the surgery. Differences in weight will lead to changes in the body, including the butt. It is important to maintain a stable weight if you want your BBL results to last longer.

Cost of double BBL

So, how much is a double BBL? On average, a second round of BBL will cost the same as the initial BBL, anywhere between $3000-$15.0000. Double BBL price can change depending on the volume of fat that needs to be transferred and the complexity of the case. If the desired change requires a very large amount of fat, it can cost more than a case where less amount of fat is needed. Also, for example, if there are many places to perform liposuction, the surgery can become more complex. These kinds of factors can increase the average cost of surgery.

Alternatives to double BBL

If you want to make further enhancements on your butt, but don’t want to undergo another traditional Brazilian Butt Lift surgery, you can look for alternative options to BBL to reach your aesthetic goals. These operations may be easier to undergo and may put less stress on the body, which can make the overall process easier for you.

Mini BBL

Mini Brazilian Butt Lift surgery is performed to make small improvements in buttock shapes. If you don’t want to make dramatic changes to your BBL butt, mini BBL can make subtle volume enhancements with a moderate amount of fat grafting. Also, mini BBL’s recovery process is shorter than the traditional procedure and can be done without general anesthesia. 

Sculptra BBL

Sculptra BBL is a non-invasive treatment that makes improvements in the butt. There is no liposuction or fat transfer procedure. During the procedure, Poly-L lactic acid is injected into your buttocks. Collagen is one of the major components of the skin and muscle (1), and the acid makes the body release more collagen in the area. The collagen accumulation enhances the shape of the butt, giving it a fuller, rounder look. At the moment, the injection of Poly-L lactic acid only into the face has FDA approval, but it’s used for other areas of the body as well.

Can you get a third BBL if the second wasn't enough?

You can get a third BBL but is more challenging for the cosmetic surgeon. Since you got this cosmetic surgery two times already, there will be too much scar tissue. It will be too difficult to operate in an area full of scar tissue, which can increase the chances of complications.

Also, since the fat was removed 2 times from your body, you may have less body fat. If there is not much fat to remove and transfer, the difference may not be significant on the third Brazilian Butt Lift procedure. So, what you have to do is consult your surgeon about the third BBL and see what they will advise you. 

  • (1) Wu M, Cronin K, Crane JS. Biochemistry, Collagen Synthesis. [Updated 2022 Sep 12]. In: StatPearls [Internet]. Treasure Island (FL): StatPearls Publishing; 2023 Jan-.
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