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Double BBL vs BBL: Is bigger always better?

Double BBL vs BBL: Is bigger always better?

If you are interested in the BBL procedure, you must have heard about the double BBL as well. Do you know what is double BBL or its difference from the Brazilian Butt Lift procedure? If not, here we compare double BBL vs BBL to help you understand what a double BBL actually is and in what ways it is similar or different to the traditional one. Because making a comparison is the best way of understanding a subject and answering the questions in your mind.

In this article, we will put double BBL vs BBL side by side, explain each and talk about the approaches between them to show you if double BBL would fulfill your expectations or not.

Table of Contents

What is BBL?

BBL is a cosmetic surgery performed to make improvements in the buttocks. The improvements are made with the patient’s own fat that is taken from other parts of the body. The procedure not only helps to improve the buttocks but also the entire contour of the body. The fat is removed generally from the abdominal area, back, or thighs and these help to have a more contoured body figure.

How does BBL work?

BBL works by removing fat from other parts of the body and transferring it to the buttocks. Firstly, the surgeon removes excess fat from certain parts of the body and creates a more contoured figure. When the necessary volumes of fat are removed, it is purified to make it ready for transfer. Finally, the fat is transferred to the buttocks and a bigger, fuller, curvier butt is achieved.

What is double BBL?

Double BBL is when the patient gets a BBL for the second time. In a case where you want to further improve the initial BBL results, you get the second one. The second BBL surgery puts more volume to the voluminous butt, makes greater curves, and creates a more contoured body figure. In other words, it doubles the initial BBL results.

How does double BBL work?

Double BBL works the same as the first BBL operation, by extracting fat from certain parts of the body and transferring it to the butt. Just like the BBL procedure, it starts with liposuction, continues with fat purification, and ends with fat transfer.

Similarities between double BBL vs BBL

Since we learned what double BBL and BBL are, we can start to make comparisons. We will begin with the similarities before going into the differences because learning what they share in common can provide a better understanding of the subject 

Both focus on butt enhancement

The main purpose of both procedures is to make enhancements to the appearance of the butt. Double BBL and BBL both focus on the buttocks and improve in terms of size, shape, and volume. The improvements are made with the patient’s own body fat that is taken from other parts of the body. Since fat is not an artificial thing and it exists in people’s bodies naturally, the enhancements in the buttocks look natural after each procedure.

Overall body contour

These two procedures both have a liposuction stage, which makes the surgery result in not only voluminous and curvier buttocks but also a more contoured appearance. The fat removal from other parts of the body especially from the abdomen, back, love handles, and thighs creates an hourglass figure with a slim waist and shapelier buttocks. 

Anesthesia usage

Both double BBL and BBL procedures are performed under general anesthesia. It puts the patient’s sleep and they don’t feel anything during the procedure. Both of the BBL operations are major surgeries that require large volumes of fat removal and transfer, which requires general anesthesia. For the patient’s safety and comfort, general anesthesia is a must. 

Same procedure, same cost

Both the costs of double BBL and BBL are between 3,000$-15,000$ because the procedures are the same. However, the prices can change depending on the location. While the price is more affordable in European countries such as Turkey, it can go way higher in the USA. The cost of health care and currency difference results in huge differences in surgery costs.

Differences between double BBL vs BBL

Now it is time to explore the aspects that make them different. After learning the differences, you will have an overall understanding of the subject and you can decide the better option for you. Let’s continue to compare double BBL vs BBL in terms of fat availability.

Fat availability 

Generally, for the first BBL operation, patients have excess fat that is enough to make the desired changes in their bodies. As we mentioned, the excess fat is usually removed from the abdominal area, back, or love handles to create a curvier body figure.

However, in double BBL the patients may not have the required amount of fat in those areas. Since the initial BBL operation took out lots of fat tissues, there may not be enough fat to make the desired enhancements. In this case, the surgeon considers taking fat from the parts where liposuction is not performed in the first BBL operation such as arms.

Providing that excess liposuction can be dangerous, former BBL patients who don’t have any excess fat in their other body parts may not be eligible for double BBL. Sticking with their initial BBL or looking for other alternatives will be more optimal.

Butt volume

BBL procedure gives the patient more voluminous, projected, and curvier buttocks compared to before. However, there is a fat limit that can be transferred to the buttocks in a single surgery. The surgeons can fill the buttocks with fat as far as the skin allows them. While the surgeon grafts fat in the buttocks, the skin gets tightened. After some point, the surgeon cannot transfer more fat because the area becomes full and the skin reaches its peak point.

However, a second BBL operation allows the surgeon to transfer more amounts of fat because the tightened skin gets relaxed over time. It adapts to the new volume and starts to gets soften that’s why after a while more fat can be injected and create further enhancements.

So, patients have to wait for a while in order to get their double BBL. Getting it sooner can risk the results of initial BBL as well as their safety.

Surgery complexity

In the first BBL operation, the liposuction sites and buttocks are untouched, this is the first time surgeons operate on these body parts. It means the tissues are in their natural condition, and it is not challenging to operate on a body part that is not disturbed yet. 

However, double BBL surgery is more complex than the initial BBL surgery. After the first BBL operation, the tissues in surgical sites get damaged since the surgeon operated on those body parts. If a body part is damaged, the body heals itself by creating scar tissue. Operating on scar tissue is difficult because scar tissue is thick compared to normal tissue, and increases complication risks such as bleeding, skin defects, and injury to the surroundings.

Final words for double BBL vs BBL

Assume that you get a BBL operation and you are happy with your BBL results. The size, shape, volume of your butt, and contour of your body are just how you desired before the procedure and you are very satisfied. If you feel like this, you should stick with your initial BBL.

However, let’s say that the BBL operation improved your buttocks, gave you better curves, and you like what you see. But you don’t think it is enough. You want to double the first BBL results, you want to have an even more voluminous butt and curvier shape. In such a situation, you should get double BBL to reach your aesthetic goals.

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