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How to find the best BBL surgeon in 8 steps

How to find the best BBL surgeon in 8 steps

You decided to get Brazilian Butt Lift surgery to enhance your look, but do you know how you can find the best BBL surgeon for your needs? There are a lot of plastic surgeons, from all over the world, all with different expertise and personalities, but only one of them will give you the figure you’ve been dreaming about. So what makes a good BBL surgeon, and how you can find the best one?

We can say that one part of successful BBL surgery is the patient’s diligence, and the other is the surgeon’s expertise and skill. If you have no idea where to start, worry not. We will walk you through the entire process of how you can choose the best BBL surgeon. Let’s get started. 

8 foolproof steps to find the best BBL surgeon

We prepared 8 foolproof steps so you can find the best surgeon who can deliver you the results you want. We also prepared a handy free print-out sheet that can be helpful to you as you are evaluating multiple surgeons. We hope that these steps will help you with getting your dream buttocks. 

Get recommendations from people in your circle

Start your research the old-school way. Has someone in your circle got a BBL? Maybe a family member, or a friend of a friend. You can reach out to them to ask which surgeon they went to. Or, maybe bring up the question to your primary care practitioner. Maybe they’re good friends with a plastic surgeon in town or might have a friend from their med school days.

Do your online research well

If you don’t have any recommendations from your circle, it’s time to get into research mode. Your first step should be to decide where are you thinking of getting this surgery. Are you looking for a doctor in your area, or would you like to travel out of the city or abroad to get your surgery? When you know where you want the surgery to get done, start researching doctors in that area. 

Create a list of surgeons you found from Google, social media, and ads if you came across any. In the next step, you will evaluate all these doctors to shorten the list. 

Read reviews and patient testimonials

Now, Google and Instagram are your best friends. Try and find as many social media accounts across different platforms, and websites that your doctors are associated with. You can look for patient reviews in different places. Google reviews, comments on their Instagram pictures, testimonials on their website, patients hubs and forums, etc. 

How many reviews do they have? If they have a lot of reviews, it’s a hint that they could be highly experienced. But don’t let this be the determining criteria, they might just have a low-key online presence. Look at how many of these reviews are positive. Pay close attention to what former patients mention in their testimonials. Maybe the surgeon is really good at communication, they made the patients feel safe, they provided incredible results, etc. Eliminate the names off your list if you’re not convinced they would be a good fit for you.

Look at the before & after pictures

Let’s dive deeper. If you’re convinced by the reviews, it’s time to decide if you would enjoy the results. You can go into their social media accounts or their website, they should have a gallery with a lot of before & after pictures. Start by counting how many BBL before & afters you see. Does this surgeon primarily do BBL or buttock enhancements? Or, do they do all types of plastic surgery, including BBL? If they have a lot more BBL before & afters compared to other types of cosmetic surgery, it can indicate that they do this surgery often. That’s an extra point for experience. 

Among the before & afters, specifically, look for people who had a similar butt shape to you before the surgery, and check out their results. If you’re super lucky, you’ll find a before & after where the patient’s pre-surgery buttocks have the same shape as yours, and their results are also the same as the results you desire. This is a good sign, the doctor is probably ready to deal with your concerns because they have prior experience.

If you want to get more information, try and see if they tagged anyone in their before & after pictures. If yes, you can send them a quick text to ask about what their experience was like. 

Evaluate their qualifications and certifications

Of course, if you’re going to let someone operate on your body, you would want them to be an expert. But most plastic surgeons are already extremely qualified, so how can you tell if they’re the best? Well, of course, there are some technical details you can look out for.

For example, in the United States, there’s a system of “board certification“. If a doctor is board certified, it’s an indication of their expertise. Some doctors can even get double-board certified. For cosmetic surgeons practicing in the United States, you should look for board certification from The American Board of Plastic Surgery. 

But if your doctor s not board certified, it’s not the end of the word. This certification system is not really a thing outside the United States. So if you’re living in any other part of the world, you can check other forms of verification. We’ll give you some useful links to check if your doctor is certified: 

Besides these certification criteria, you should check which other organizations your doctor is associated. In order to be a member of these organizations, doctors must meet certain criteria, and they are held to certain standards. For example, they need to perform a certain amount of surgeries a year, or they need to meet the disciplinary criteria set by the organization to remain a member. We’ll provide you with some examples:

Regardless of wherever you’re planning on getting your surgery, you can certainly find a reputable organization that is active in the area. Most doctors will be proud to showcase their memberships online. If your doctor is a member of society, you can trust that they are highly qualified. 

How experienced is your doctor?

The surgeon you chose might fit all the criteria above, but you need to make sure that they’re especially good at Brazilian Butt Lift surgeries. Plastic surgeons can perform all kinds of procedures from BBL to liposuction, breast augmentations, and nose jobs. You need to make sure that your surgeon performs a lot of Brazilian Butt Lifts, buttock augmentation, body lift, or liposuction procedures. 

The more surgeries they perform, the more practical experience they have. For example, If a surgeon performs 60% nose jobs, 30% breast augmentation, and 10% BBL in a year, they might not have enough practical experience to give you the best results. 

Before booking your consultation, make sure your doctor has a lot of practical experience performing Brazilian Butt Lift and other additional body contouring procedures.

Communication and compatibility

It would be a perfect world if getting surgery and the whole experience solely depended on the technical and objective qualifications of the doctor. But surgeries, especially plastic surgeries are more than that. You will probably go through one of the most vulnerable times of your life. So, it’s extremely important that you feel safe, and understood by your doctor

During your consultation, look out for signs of how you communicate with your doctor, and how compatible you are. Are they listening to all your questions, and concerns, and responding? Have they fully explained to you all the nitty gritty details? Did they make you feel safe and confident about the procedure? Basically, did they pass the vibe check? 

Besides the doctor themselves, how did other staff members make you feel? Was the receptionist at the clinic friendly or dismissive? Were the nurses helpful? These are all aspects you must consider. The entire team should make you feel confident that you’ll be in good hands. 

Get a second opinion

Even if you feel like you found the best BBL doctor, it’s not a bad idea to get second, or third opinions from different surgeons. Going through consultations with multiple expert surgeons can reveal a lot. Even if they seem perfect on paper, maybe you’ll prefer one surgeon’s way of communication. Or maybe, one surgeon thinks a certain technique or look isn’t for you while the other thinks it’s achievable. Especially if you have any doubts in your gut, it’s not a bad idea to get a second opinion

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