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Getting a BBL with implants: Hybrid BBL explained in detail

Getting a BBL with implants: Hybrid BBL explained in detail

If we are talking about making tremendous changes in the volume and projection of the butt, BBL with implants is surely the first procedure that comes to mind. Even though the BBL operation makes significant improvements in the butt, the combination with implants creates even further volume and projection. The operation gives patients the desired outstanding enhancement that they cannot reach with fat grafting or implnts alone. 

In this article, we are going to explain BBL with implants surgery, the types and placement of the implants, the aim of the procedure, its benefits, risks, cost, and more to give you all-rounded information about the subject.

Table of Contents

BBL with implants: What is it?

BBL with implants, also called hybrid BBL surgery, means getting a BBL operation together with butt implants. A normal BBL surgery makes enhancements in the butt by removing fat from the patient’s own body and transferring it to the buttocks. What BBL with implants does is to make improvements in the buttocks not only with fat but also with implants.

What is the aim of getting BBL with implants?

The aim of getting BBL with implants is to get the maximum effect from the butt enhancement procedure. Most of the time, it is performed on patients who don’t have enough fat deposits in their bodies to create the desired BBL results with the aim of reaching maximum volume, projection, and curves, which is possible with the combination of implants with fat grafting.

The procedure of BBL with implants

The entire procedure takes around 2-4 hours and it starts with the marking of the surgery areas. While the patient is standing, the surgeon marks the buttocks to specify the places where the implants are going to be placed. After that, the patient is put to sleep with general anesthesia.

The procedure starts with the implant placement. To place the implant into the buttocks, the surgeon makes a single incision or two in the lower part of the sacrum, between your buttcheeks. The surgeon inserts the implant from the incisions into the marked places and closes the cuts with sutures.

Now, it is time for the BBL part. The plastic surgeon removes the excess fat from certain parts of the body. When the liposuction is done, the fat is purified for fat grafting. After that, the surgeon makes small incisions around the buttocks for fat transfer and grafts the fat. The operation is completed when the desired enhancement is made in the butt.

Placement of fat

The fat is transferred into 2 places: around the implants and the laterals. An implant is a voluminous object and when you place it in the butt, the area where the implant is placed stays higher, and around the implant stays lower. Fat transfer fills the empty space around the implant and creates a natural appearance.

Also, the upper part of the hips, known as the lats, is a very open place that makes the implants noticeable because the top of the hips doesn’t have enough fat to hide the edges. For that reason, the surgeon especially transfers the fat to the laterals to create a more fatty area and hide the implant.

Placement of butt implants with hybrid BBL

There are two different techniques for the placement of the implants. Even though one is more recommended and commonly used than the other, it can change from patient to patient. Depending on their body type and expectations from the procedure, implants will be placed according to their needs. 


Subfascial placement is the placement of the implant under the fascia, which is a thin tissue that wraps around the muscles, vessels, and organs. In the buttocks, the fascia covers the gluteal muscles and the implant is placed below the fascia, above the muscle. Even though it has a relatively easy recovery, this technique may not be a good match for people who don’t have enough fat under the skin that can hide the implant.


Intramuscular placement is the placement of the implant into the muscle, and it is the most recommended type of placement. The muscle is cut from the middle and the implant is placed between the muscle layers, which smoothes the transition from the natural buttock to the implant. However, since the muscle is cut, patients feel more discomfort after surgery and recovery takes longer compared to subfascial placement.

Types of implants used for hybrid BBL

When you hear the word implant, most probably gel-filled silicones come to your mind just like many other people. However, the implants used in the buttocks are made of semi-solid silicone, which has a very firm texture, unlike silicone gel implants. These implants have 2 different shapes that are used in the procedure. 

Oval shaped

The oval implants have an oval shape similar to a teardrop. The upper part of the implant is a bit narrow compared to the lower part. The volume starts from the narrow side and it gradually increases as it goes down, creating the projection at the bottom. This means oval shape implants make enhancement in the lower part of the buttocks.

The downside of the oval shape is, in case of an implant rotation, the butt can look asymmetrical since the projection and volume are not at the same level on every side of the implant. Also, it may not be very appealing for a person who wants to have an upper part projection in the buttocks due to its shape.

Round shaped

Round shape butt implants are the most commonly used type of implant. The round implant’s projection is at the center, and the volume starts the same on every edge of the implant. Round implants create an overall projection and voluminous appearance in the buttocks.

It is the most commonly preferred implant, not only because it creates complete projection and volume but also because it doesn’t carry a risk of asymmetry if the implant rotates. Since a round is an overall symmetrical shape, the buttocks will look the same even if the implant rotates after the procedure.

Getting a BBL with implants: Know the factors

Until this point, we explained the procedure of BBL with implants, the kind of implants that are used, and the place they are inserted. Now we can go further in detail, talk about its benefits and risks, candidacy, and more to make everything clear about hybrid BBL. 


BBL with implants helps to make great enhancements in the buttocks of people who don’t have enough fat to make the desired improvements. The enhancements in the buttocks affect the overall body figure and the way people see themselves. Let’s look at the points below and see what BBL with implants offers to the patient.

  • Liposuction of certain parts such as the abdomen

  • Maximum volume and projection in the buttocks

  • Hourglass body shape

  • Natural looking results

  • Self-confidence boost


Since BBL with implants procedure has 2 different butt augmentation approaches, it contains the risks of buttock implants in addition to the traditional BBL risks. The potential complications of hybrid BBL include: 

  • Anesthesia risks

  • Asymmetry or unevenness in buttocks

  • Implant displacement

  • Slow wound healing 

  • Infection

  • Excessive bleeding

  • Revision or removal surgery

After the procedure, there can be an asymmetry in the buttocks because of the uneven injection of the fat or wrong placement of the implants. Also, implant-specific risks may require a removal or revision surgery to fix the complications.

Will it be riskier than traditional BBL?

In a BBL with implant surgery, the patient has a higher possibility of facing complications compared to a traditional BBL procedure because the number of complications is increased. Since BBL with implants uses two different buttock augmentation techniques together in one surgery, the risks include both of the procedure’s complications. However, this doesn’t mean that it is a riskier operation than a traditional BBL.


The safety of the patient is always the number one priority before undergoing any kind of procedure. Another priority is to ensure that the surgery matches your conditions and expectations. For these reasons, meeting the eligibility criteria is important.

You are an eligible candidate for BBL with implants if you:

  • Have a flat butt shape

  • Don’t have excess loose skin

  • Want voluminous and projected buttocks

  • Don’t have enough body fat for BBL

  • Think that BBL won’t meet your expectations

  • Are healthy enough for the surgery

  • Don’t have a serious medical history

  • Can undergo general anesthesia

  • Can quit smoking and drinking alcohol for a while

Recovery period

In the BBL with butt implant recovery process, you will need to change your daily habits a bit to have a successful healing and reach the best result. For example, you will need to wear your compression garment all day and night for about a month to be more comfortable and help your body with the healing process.

To avoid implant displacement, some fat-related complications and such as fat necrosis, you will avoid sitting for about 1-2 months. When you need to sit, you will need to use pillows that keep your butt free from the pressure. 

Returning to daily life

You will be able to go back to work and your daily activities in about 2 weeks, but heavy workouts or the ones that activate buttock muscles need to wait about 2-3 months. Also, you need to wait for a month to continue smoking because it can interfere with healing and blood supply to the newly injected fat. After 6 months, your recovery time should be over.


You will see that you have brand new buttocks right after the procedure, but you will be able to see the final results of BBL with implants at least 3 months after the surgery. It is not possible to see the final result when the butt still has swelling due to the procedure and when the fat and implants have not yet settled in their new places.

The fat needs to connect with the blood vessels in the buttocks and settle in its new place. The implants which are very solid after the procedure needs to get softened and settle in their place over time, only then you can see the final results of the procedure. 

Longevity of the results

BBL with implants results are permanent. A gluteal implant can settle and maintain its shape for decades. Since semi-solid silicone implants are firm, they don’t have a rupture risk and they can stand to the buttock muscle pressure.

In the same way, if the patient maintains a stable weight, the transferred fat can stay the same for years. Big changes in weight can make the fat cells become narrower or wider and the buttocks fat can lose its shape and volume. That’s why weight gain or loss is not recommended for BBL patients. 

Cost of BBL with implants

The average BBL implants cost is around 15.000€. The price includes the liposuction procedure, fat transfer, and the cost of implants. While some clinics include other additional costs such as consultation, anesthesia fees, and facility fees at this price, some don’t. 

The cost of surgery is more expensive than a Brazilian Butt Lift surgery because not all plastic surgeons are capable of performing a butt augmentation with implants. The butt gets pressure when you sit and lay down. Gluteal muscles get activated even when you just move around.

To place an implant in a body part that gets too much stress and pressure, the surgeon needs to know the proper way and right place to position the implant, and this is possible with lots of experience. Otherwise, the implant can move resulting in a very unpleasant appearance, and more complications such as seromas can occur.

Will the cost be worth it?

If you want to have curvier, voluminous, projected buttocks, BBL with implants will be worth its price. As we mentioned in the previous paragraphs, it is a cosmetic procedure that not only improves the buttocks but also improves self-confidence. When you like what you see in the mirror, you will feel happier and more confident about your body. Happiness and confidence affect people’s lives positively in many aspects, making the world more enjoyable. 

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