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BBL supplies you need to have to make your recovery a breeze!

BBL supplies you need to have to make your recovery a breeze!

If you are thinking about getting Brazilian Butt Lift surgery, you will need BBL supplies for the recovery period. Recovery is just as important as the BBL procedure itself. Not having the necessities for post-op surgery may slow down your recovery process, and nobody would like that to happen. Resulting in you not being happy with your BBL result or ruining the new shape of your butt. If you don’t take care of your butt and don’t follow your surgeon’s recommendations, you can end up having more pain than usual and regret going through the procedure. 

In this recovery process, there are many BBL supplies that can help you. It is very important to have certain BBL supplies since these items can make your post-op period easier, and less painful. Don’t forget, a successful recovery pays off with perfect results. 

In this article, we prepared a BBL must have list to let you know about everything you need to buy before going for a BBL surgery with a bonus free printable shopping list for all your BBL supply needs!

Table of Contents

Essentials for BBL: Must have supplies

Some surgeries require necessary items for the post-op recovery period and BBL is one of them. Taking care of your body properly after the surgery is the key to the most satisfying results. These items not only make this process easier for you but also helps to maintain a successful and healthy recovery time. Also, it can be easier to buy what you need before the surgery to focus on yourself better. Now, let’s check at the BBL supply list we have prepared for you and understand why these items are necessary in detail.  


Compression garments are the must-haves for post-op BBL essentials. Among compression garments, the most important one for healing is faja. Faja is worn immediately after the procedure and it will be your best friend for the whole recovery period.

Wearing a compression faja helps the swelling go away in the areas where fat was harvested or transferred. It also helps to reduce the chances of bruising and blood clots since it supports blood circulation in the area. It also helps to preserve the new shape of the butt. Besides, it can be good to own two fajas. While one is being cleaned, you can switch to the other one. By wearing a faja, you can maximize the chances of having the best result after BBL.

Lipo foam board is another important garment for the BBL. Same as faja, a lipo foam also helps to reduce the swelling, and chances of bruising and prevents fluid retention. A lipo foam is a garment worn where liposuction is performed during the operation. It is advised to wear lipo foam with a faja to maximize successful recovery.

Compression socks are also recommended during the recovery period. Again, just like fajas, compression socks help to prevent blood clots by supporting the blood flow. Arm compression can be needed if fat is grafted from your arms as well.


We all know that sitting is not allowed after BBL for a long time. But if you have to sit, you can sit with the help of BBL pillows. BBL pillow doesn’t seem like a big deal, but it is actually very important. If you want to sit or lie down, you have to put pressure on your butt. Sitting directly on your butt can distort the newly placed fat, affecting the shape of your butt. In these times, BBL pillows come to rescue you.

A butt pillow can have a contoured shape such as a donut-like, or a U shape. These special designs won’t let you put pressure on your butt when you sit. A booty pillow reduces the pressure you put on your butt while sitting, basically protects the new shape, and allows you to sit. It can be your dearest friend during the recovery. You should use it until your surgeon says you can sit as normal without a pillow. 

Bathroom essentials

You know that you are not allowed to sit after a BBL, but you have to go to the bathroom. How can you overcome this situation? By having a BBL toilet seat lifter. A toilet seat lifter can be a big help in the bathroom. The logic is the same with BBL pillows. It prevents you from applying pressure on your new butt and helps you to seat comfortably.  

Another useful thing can be a female urinal. A urinal helps you to urinate not by sitting but while standing. A soft urinal might make you urinate harder, that’s why choosing a plastic one might be better. Also, a nonslip bath mat can be useful during the recovery period. A bathroom is a place where slipping is possible and during the recovery period, you don’t want to fall. A nonslip bath mat can be helpful in this situation.

You may experience constipation after the surgery. It can happen because of the anesthesia used during the surgery, or the pain drugs that you take. In a situation like this, you can take some medications that help with constipation such as glycerin suppositories or laxatives. Don’t forget to consult your doctor before taking any medications including a glycerin suppository. 

Personel hygiene products

After the BBL surgery, you will have much fluid in your butt, and this fluid can leak from the incisions. This is a normal thing. But these fluids can stain the place where you sit or lie down. In this situation, you can use a shower curtain or pad to keep your bed or couch clean. Shower curtains or pads don’t let the fluid leaks touch your furniture and prevent staining.

Since you will have incisions, you should take care of your hygiene. Microbes can effortlessly pass on your incisions and create an infection. If your incisions get infected, they can be painful and hard to touch. The most crucial thing is cleaning properly after finishing your job in the bathroom. You should be extra cautious about it. Your hands must be clean when you have to touch your incisions or the area around them. The most basic personal hygiene supplies, antibacterial soaps, cleansing wipes, and hand sanitizers will keep your hands clean. 

Other goods you should have

A lipo roller is essential to have if you are not going for lymphatic massages. Lymphatic massaging can help you to get rid of swelling that happens after BBL. Massaging also helps with tissue fibrosis that may happen after surgery. You can either do it at home with the help of a lipo roller. By massaging, you compress the area, just like a compression garment. The compression supports the blood flow, helping vessels to carry necessary oxygen to the newly transferred fat. Also, proper blood flow can help to decrease blood clot chance.  

Also, you can buy a scar cream to use on your incisions after BBL. Some creams can help the healing process of the incisions. You can also buy some creams in case of experiencing itching, but make sure that you are not applying it near the incisions and get the one your surgeon recommends. 

Things to take for your hospital stay

Until here, we mentioned the BBL supplies should have after the surgery in general. Now it is time to talk about the hospital stay, immediately after the procedure. You must still take your compression garment, BBL pillow, pad, and bathroom essentials, in addition to what we mention in the bullets below. Don’t forget, they are essential items to have after the BBL operation.

Immediately after the surgery, In addition to the things we just mentioned, some things can be a good idea to bring to the hospital. Such as: 

  • Loose fitting clothes
  • Towels & Slippers
  • Eye mask
  • Something to read
  • Laptop

BBL supplies shopping list

We have explained everything you need for BBL surgery in detail. Now, let’s see all the essentials we mentioned as a short list. With this, you can easily check what you already have or not. Do not forget to download our printable for easy access to tick off items as you go!

For the BBL post-surgery, you need:

  • Compression garments
  • Pillows
  • A urinal or toilet seat lifter
  • Bed pads or a shower curtain
  • Lipo roller
  • Antibacterial wipes, soaps, and hand sanitizers
  • Scar cream
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