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BBL shapes & types demystified: Discover your dream butt shape

BBL shapes & types demystified: Discover your dream butt shape

Brazilian Butt Lift is the best option for women to get their buttocks bigger and fuller. And each woman has a different body, thus, there should be appropriate BBL shapes for their natural buttock shapes. But how much do we know about our butt shapes and which BBL shape would be best for which butt?

In this article, we will talk about Brazilian Butt Lift shapes, body types before the surgery, and of course, what are the techniques and types of BBL you can benefit from to reach your dream body. Let’s start exploring already, starting with natural butt shapes.

Table of Contents

Natural butt shapes before BBL

Did you know that there are 4 different types of natural butt shapes? Before getting a BBL, knowing the shape of your butt is essential because it can determine the placement of fat injection and which BBL shape would look better. So, if you don’t know what is your butt shape, this is the best chance you would ever have.

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shape usually has less volume compared to the other shapes. Meaning, your surgeon will be extra delicate during the surgery. That is because V-shaped patients’ gluteus maximus (main muscles of the buttocks) are loose and will require more volume to enhance the appearance.


O-shaped, or round-shaped patients curve outwards and have a rounder appearance like a peach. They usually want bigger or contoured buttocks because their shape is already good but may have extra fat in their waist. With the help of BBL, rounder-shaped patients may go for a narrower waist and more volume in their buttocks.


Sometimes called the pear shape, the patient’s waist is narrow and gets wider in the hips. This shape is the common goal of many women who wants to have a BBL because it reminds the hourglass BBL shape. However, even if someone has an A-shaped butt doesn’t mean that they are happy with it, they might still want an improved look.


Did you know that the square shape is the most common butt shape among women? When your outlines from waist to hip go straight, that’s when you have a square or H-shaped butt. Yes, it’s straightforward, with no curve or leaning. Patients with square bums usually look for options to enhance their buttocks because they don’t like the way clothes fit. In this case, getting a BBL on square shape is the best option to have a more balanced appearance. 

Butt shapes after BBL

So, did you check yourself and found out what shape you are? Then let’s continue because there are different BBL shapes you should know. This is actually really important because your BBL body shape will depend on where fat is harvested and injected. Besides, even if you have an idea of what kind of butt you want from the surgery, it is crucial to know the details beforehand. This way, you can even discover facts you have overlooked or consider the available options. So, let’s see what are the post-op BBL butt shapes.

Heart shape

Also known as an upside-down heart or A-shape, many women desire heart shaped BBL results. The heart shape is basically an A-shape, but because your buttocks are much bigger and your waist is smaller than before, it forms a proper heart shape. Also, going for a heart-shaped butt promotes the BBL hourglass body as well.

In addition, heart shape BBL is the most common one for women with square buttocks to get. Because their waist and hips are going straight, it’s easier to shape them. In addition, A-shaped patients usually go for heart shape to enhance their buttocks to the maximum as well.

Round shape

By focusing on injecting volumes of fat into the hips, patients get a round or bubble butt BBL shape. However, when excess fat is injected, it can be obvious that you had a BBL. If you want to look more natural, a round shape may not be the best idea. But, it is ideal for patients with inverted or V-shaped butts because their hips are flatter than the other shapes. With the correct amount of injection, V-shaped women can get natural-looking and appealing buttocks thanks to the BBL.

Curvy shape

A curvy shape is a combination of the heart and round shape but the projection is smaller than both. Patients who choose a curvy shape gain an hourglass figure, but because the changes are not dramatic, the results look more natural. As long as the patient’s body proportions are eligible, anyone can go for the curvy shape. 

Which BBL shape is the most popular?

Among the 3 shapes we have mentioned above, it can be said that the heart shape is the most wanted BBL body shape. Why? There is one reason: Reaching the hourglass shape. It is the common goal of most women who are not fond of their current body. 

Apart from that, getting overall improvements instead of a dramatic change is also popular nowadays. Some women would rather look more refined than have a bigger butt, which makes them go for a curvy shape. 

Can you choose the BBL shape you want?

Yes, you can. However, discussing the shape you want with your surgeon will be the best decision during the initial consultation. Depending on your body’s characteristic features, the surgeon may advise you which shape would look better or not. They will tell you the possible results or even show you their previous patients’ pictures to give you an idea.

Factors that may affect your BBL shape choice:

  • Amount of fat you have
  • Your butt size and shape
  • Your body type
  • Your skin’s elasticity 
  • Your waist size

Still, these factors won’t totally change what you want. Why? Because there are different types of BBL and techniques to make every woman reach the BBL body type they desire. Let’s explain every one of them and what kind of approach is made for which patient briefly.

BBL techniques & types for every shape

As we said before, regardless of height, weight, or shape, every woman can reach their dream body. Because advancements in cosmetic surgeries are to make it accessible for more people, not to force them into one procedure which can be improper. So, why don’t we dive into the techniques and types of BBL that patients can get benefit from? First the techniques, then the types. 

Shelf & slope BBL

When you search these online, you may think that shelf & slope are different shapes of BBL, but actually, they just define where fat is harvested or injected. But what do they mean and why are they named like this? Let’s see why.

The shelf BBL technique is when fat is injected right below the waist. This makes the buttocks appear more projected and look like you can balance something there. Do you remember the picture of Kim Kardashian with a glass on her butt, holding a champagne bottle? That is the perfect example of a shelf technique.

On the other hand, Slope BBL is the injection technique to give your buttocks a more natural shape. Contrary to the shelf, the BBL slope focuses on natural curves on the buttocks by injecting the fat into the hips gradually. It can be better for women who want more realistic BBL shapes or for women with less BMI.

Hip & lat injections

Briefly, the central areas of the buttocks are named hips, and the lats are the upper sides of the hips. Actually, during BBL, fat is injected in both areas to create a proper and balanced look overall. However, injections focused on the hips change the buttock shape into the heart, while lateral injections make the butt rounder. Balanced injection between hips and lats results in a curvy shape. We have a full article comparing hip vs lats BBL injections so you can figure out which one you should choose. 

Now that you know all the fat removal and injection techniques of BBL, let’s move into the types of BBL for women with all kinds of body shapes. 

Petite BBL

Women shorter than 5’4″ are considered petite. Even though they are short, it doesn’t mean that they’re skinny automatically. Their BMI can be low, average, or high, it will not prevent them from getting a Brazilian Butt Lift surgery. They can get any shape or volume as long as their proportions are suitable. If you’re a petite woman, you can check our article where we discuss the ins and outs of getting a Petite BBL surgery done

Plus size BBL

The same goes for overweight women, so there’s a plus-size BBL. Some may think their BMI is too high for the surgery but the BMI limit can go up to 35. As long as they want a contoured butt and are around 30-34 BMI, it’s possible. Most overweight patients go for a BBL with tummy tuck combo to get an hourglass figure.

Mini BBL

Mini BBL is not related to weight or height but the extent of contouring the patient desire. As it can be understood from its name, mini BBL is for general touch-ups in the buttocks. Small amounts of fat will be transferred into the butt to make it more symmetric and appealing. This can be the best option for women who don’t want a noticeable change.

Hybrid BBL

Hybrid BBL is the combination of both silicone butt implants and fat transfer. It increases the size of the buttocks significantly, maximizing the patient’s butt volume. Silicone implants will be placed inside or below your gluteus maximus and final contouring will be done with fat grafting. 

360 BBL

For your information, 360 BBL is not a type of BBL but a combo procedure. The “360” comes from Lipo 360, which is fat harvesting from the back and front of the midsection. Fat is harvested from your love handles, abdomen, lower and upper back, and bra areas. 360 BBL is one of the best choices if you want an hourglass shape.

Sculptra BBL

Sculptra is a dermal injection technique that increases collagen production to improve contour. It is a non-invasive procedure and several sessions are required for notable results. For now, FDA approves Sculptra for facial usage only, meaning that Sculptra BBL is done off-label in doctors’ offices. But, as long as the doctor knows where and how to inject properly, there will be no problem.

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