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Do you need a BBL revision? Why, when & how you should get it!

Do you need a BBL revision? Why, when & how you should get it!

Do you think your BBL surgeon performed a poor job, or you expected something better in your mind and don’t like the results? If yes, BBL revision surgery is here for you. BBL revision can improve your initial BBL surgery results and make you satisfied with your new butt.

In this article, we are going to talk about what is a BBL revision, why would you need it, when can you have it, its cost, and more to help you understand the procedure.

Table of Contents

What is BBL revision?

BBL revision is a surgery that is performed when the patient is not pleased with their BBL result. In a case where the patient doesn’t like the new shape of their butt, or there is a problem with the appearance, BBL revision comes to the rescue. If the patient’s expectations are realistic and won’t cause any harm to themselves, revision can be done to give their desired butt depending on their needs and expectations.

If the patient wants to have more volume, more fat is injected. If the initial BBL butt is a bit too big for the patient, some fat is removed. Or if just small improvements are needed, the fat can be adjusted depending on the case. As you can see, BBL revision is a surgery that is altered considering the patient’s needs and expectations.

How is it different from a regular BBL?

The aims of the procedures are different. BBL is a plastic surgery that is performed to make the butt bigger, and larger. However, BBL revision is a surgery that is performed to fix the primary BBL results.

During regular BBL the fat is removed from certain parts of the body and transferred into the butt to make the butt bigger and fuller. However, in BBL revision the fat may be removed from the butt to make it smaller, or the fat may be injected only to one side to fix the asymmetry between the buttocks, in addition to adding fat into the butt.

Also, BBL revision is a more complex procedure than the regular BBL operation. First of all, after surgery, the area creates scar tissue since it has to heal. If enough time has not passed after the initial procedure, the butt can still have scar tissue. Performing in an area where there is scar tissue will not be not as easy as before.

Plus, if the previously transferred fat has some issues, it may be removed before harvesting and transferring new fat. This can make the procedure more complex than the previous surgery as well. Also, a Brazilian Butt Lift revision may take longer than a regular BBL procedure since surgeries need really precise movements to fix the asymmetry.

Why would you need revision surgery?

When we talk about BBL revision surgery, the first thing that comes to mind is the appearance of the butt. Nobody would want to have a look they are not satisfied with after plastic surgery. They would regret having the operation and want to get it fixed as soon as possible. Such dissatisfactions can be caused by personal preferences, the surgeon’s work, and certain complications after the BBL surgery.

For example, complications such as fat necrosis can lead to changes in the appearance of the butt. Or, you may have issues with the contour of the butt which is a relatively common complication (1). In a case where a complication distorted the beauty of the BBL results, you may need a BBL revision surgery to fix the issues.

Also, weight gain or weight loss over time can alter the proportions of your body shape, which can result in making your BBL results disappear. In this case, patients may choose to increase or decrease the volume of fat in their buttocks.

Signs when BBL revision is a need

Now we know what is a Brazilian Butt Lift revision. But, how do you know if you need a BBL revision?You may need a BBL revision if you:

  • Are not satisfied with primary BBL results
  • Have asymmetrical buttocks
  • Are experiencing post-op complications

Basically, if the BBL operation didn’t make you satisfied or you have problems with the appearance of the butt, you need BBL revision. By undergoing revision surgery, all of your problems will be fixed, the undesired BBL outcomes will be corrected and you will get your new dream butt.

What causes these signs?

First of all, a qualified surgeon is the key to having a successful BBL operation. If the plastic surgeon isn’t a skilled surgeon, you can end up having an uneven look in your butt. If you experience such a situation, you will not be happy with the BBL results and you will want to get a revision surgery.

If not enough fat is transferred during the Brazilian Butt Lift surgery, you may not be satisfied with your new butt. You may find it way too small after the swelling passes. Also, you should remember that about %30 of the injected fat will be absorbed by the body over time. This means you are going to lose some fat on your butt.

Post-operative care for BBL is also important. If you don’t take care of your butt after the BBL operation, you can ruin your BBL results very easily. For example, if you sit on your butt when you are not allowed to sit or if you don’t wear your compression garments during the recovery time, your butt is not going to heal properly and you will have botched results

Facts to know about BBL revision

What else you should know about the BBL revision procedure? In the following sections, we explained what can you expect from it. Let’s start with its benefits and risks to give you overall information about the whole Brazilian Butt Lift revision surgery.

Benefits and possible risks

Just like any type of surgery, BBL revision also has its benefits and risks. In case you don’t know, regular BBL risks and revision surgery risks are very similar to each other:


  • Fixes the flaws caused by previous BBL surgery
  • Enhances or changes buttock shape tothe patient’s desire
  • Boosts self-confidence


  • The risks of BBL revision are almost the same as the initial BBL surgery risks 
  • There may be a higher risk of skin defects such as scarring or lumpy look

BBL revision surgery will require fat grafting or removal. If the liposuction procedure will be done in the same area as in the primary surgery, that area will be prone to skin defects. Due to the initial BBL, some changes were made in the area already. That’s why it is more likely to have irregularities in the second time by making further changes.

When can you have a revision after the first surgery?

But how soon can you get a BBL revision? You can have a BBL revision procedure 6 months after the first BBL surgery. There are 2 reasons why you need to wait around 6 months. The first one is your body must heal completely from the initial surgery before you go under the next one. After the initial surgery, the body starts to heal itself by creating scar tissue. Unless the scar tissue is healed to a large extent, it will be very challenging to perform other procedures in that area.

Secondly, you can see the final result after your butt has completely healed. Before that, you cannot know what your butt will look like exactly. A decision that is made before the butt is completely healed won’t be reasonable because you don’t know how it will look once the final shape is settled. After it’s healed, and if you don’t like it, you can decide to get a BBL revision surgery.

What should be expected?

If there is an unsatisfactory BBL result, you can expect it to be solved. For example, if there is an asymmetry in your buttocks, it can be fixed. Or, if you want a bigger butt, you can expect to see a bigger butt after the revision but always have realistic expectations. Don’t forget that the fat survival rate is around 70% which means loss of buttock volume loss may be a case. Also, surgeons can’t inject too much fat to protect patients from potential complications.

Preparation & Recovery

Preparation and the recovery period will be the same as in your initial BBL procedure. During the BBL preparation period, you get will some tests done, eat healthily, and stop smoking. In the BBL recovery period, you will wear your compression garment, avoid sitting, and get massages. Briefly, do everything you did before.

Cost of BBL revision

The average BBL revision cost in the USA is around $6000. However, the cost of surgery can change depending on the location, the reason for the revision, and the difficulty of the case. In most cases, when you go to your previous cosmetic surgeon for revision surgery, you are more likely to pay less than the BBL surgery. Mostly you pay for stuff like anesthesia and the operation room fee. But as we just said the amount of fat needed to be worked on is another factor.

For example, if just a small part needs to be fixed or a small amount of fat needs to be injected, it is not likely to be expensive. However, if a large amount of fat needs to be removed from the butt, and liposuction from other parts of your body to inject your butt again, the surgery won’t be that easy. If it is a complex case, you will pay more than a patient who just needs small improvements. You can check the detailed information about BBL cost and its factors to determine how much your revision surgery can cost.

  • (1) Cansancao, Alvaro Luiz et al. “”Brazilian Butt Lift” Performed by Board-Certified Brazilian Plastic Surgeons: Reports of an Expert Opinion Survey.” Plastic and reconstructive surgery vol. 144,3 (2019): 601-609. doi:10.1097/PRS.0000000000006020
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