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BBL Removal: An option when a BBL doesn’t work out for you

BBL Removal: An option when a BBL doesn't work out for you

Social media has a big place in our lives and everyone follows it very closely. The trends that come out decide whether something is beautiful or not and they are changing nonstop. Something that was very popular in the last years may not be that popular right now, and one of them is the big-butt fashion. As trends change, people would go for butt enhancements or look for BBL removal.

With the popularization of the skinny look, the big butt started to seem less appealing. The change in the trends has brought a question to the minds of women who have had Brazilian Butt Lift surgery in the past years. Can you remove a BBL?

Reverse BBL is possible and in this article, we are going to answer the question ” How do you remove a BBL?” from every aspect of it so that you have a complete understanding of the BBL reversal. 

Table of Contents

Can you remove your BBL?

Yes, it is possible to remove your BBL. The cosmetic procedure called “BBL removal” also known as “BBL reversal” allows patients who are not happy with their big BBL butt to get rid of the excess fat that they don’t want to have anymore. If you no longer want to have the big BBL butt, regret having it or if you want your old butt back, you can undergo BBL removal and get a butt very similar to before.

What is the procedure for BBL reversal?

So, how to remove a BBL? Liposuction is the procedure performed in BBL removal surgery. The procedure starts with general anesthesia. After you are put to sleep, the plastic surgeon makes small incisions around the butt. Then, places the cannula inside the incisions and starts suction of the excess fat by moving it. When the surgeon is done with the liposuction, BBL reversal is completed. 

How much of BBL can get removed?

A significant amount of fat can be removed from the buttocks. The surgeon removes as much fat as possible but it will not be exactly the same as before. However, that may not be a bad thing. If you have asymmetrical buttocks, after BBL removal you can get a way smaller butt which is very similar to the old one, and symmetric buttocks at the same time.

Are the results permanent?

BBL removal results are mostly permanent as long as you maintain your weight. Since changes in weight can alter the body’s proportions, your butt can get bigger or it can get even smaller. Daily habits also can cause weight differences and affect the overall results. For example, if you start to work out, your weight can get lower, or you can muscle up and change the appearance of the butt. 

When can you get it done?

You can get BBL removal after your butt is completely healed, at least 6 months later the initial procedure. After any kind of surgery, the body starts to heal itself by creating scar tissue. To perform another procedure in the same area, you must wait until it is dissolved. Otherwise, the surgery will be very difficult to perform and the risks of complications will be highly increased.

Why do people consider BBL removal?

People may want to go back to their old butts because of 3 reasons. First, and simple, they may find a small butt nicer and want to go back to their old butt. Secondly, they may think having a big butt makes their life harder. Lastly, they may have some changes in their body over time and they may want to get rid of the unpleasant look.

Unpleasant results

Having a big but can be a burden over time. Since a big butt creates a gap between your butt and the lower back, it can be painful to sleep or lay back and this situation can lead to back issues. Also, it may be hard to fit into regular chairs, which is a real problem too. 

A big butt can make shopping very challenging. Since the butt and the waist size are not balanced, trying to find fitting pants, skirts, or dresses can be very hard. You may need a tailor after every time you shop. Also, putting on skinny jeans can be very difficult. 

Also, your opinions can change. Unlike before, you may think a small butt is nicer than a big one. It may not look as appealing as before and can make you unhappy. Since it is something that you no longer want, you may lose self-confidence. 

Changes in the body over time

If you gain weight, the fat percentage in your body increases, which increases the fat in your butt as well. Simply, your butt can become even bigger, and this can be very discomforting for most people. Aging also can cause weight gain and the same consequences.

Facts to know before deciding on BBL removal

What others don’t tell you about BBL removal surgery? While it is a procedure that is performed to give you comfort and the desired appearance, it also has some downsides. In the following paragraphs, we are going to talk about the undesirable aspects of reverse BBL. 

What will your butt be like?

Let’s start by reminding you that your butt won’t look the same as before the BBL but it will be in a similar size. A significant amount of fat will be removed and your butt will become way smaller just as you want it. However, there is a negative consequence of BBL removal, which is sagging skin. Since the fat will be removed from your butt, the area will become empty compared to before and there won’t be the fat that fills the place. This emptiness can result in a sagging appearance. 

You might need another surgery

If you experience skin sagging, you may need another surgery since BBL removal doesn’t involve skin removal. To get rid of the excess skin you need a buttock lift surgery. It is a surgery that includes excess skin removal to enhance the appearance of the butt. Going under a third surgery may be exhausting. Plus, it can be a burden economically.

Other possible risks and complications

If we remove the anesthesia and cosmetic risks, the risks of BBL removal are the risks of the liposuction procedure because there are no other techniques performed during BBL removal. The only thing is the suctioning of the fat with a cannula. 

Potential complications and risks of reverse BBL are:

  • Sagging skin
  • Asymmetry
  • Swelling
  • Hematoma
  • Seroma
  • Bleeding
  • Nerve damage

During liposuction, the surgeon can damage the lymphatic and blood vessels with the cannula, causing the risks we listed above. 

How much it costs

The average BBL reversal cost is around $12,000 in the USA. But of course, the cost can change depending on the patient and the location of the clinic.  An increase in the amount of fat extends the length of the procedure and as a result, the price goes higher.

Also, if you get BBL removal in the USA, you are likely to pay more than the European countries because the USA has the most expensive healthcare in the world. You must have paid a lot of money for the initial surgery, and if you decide to get BBL reversal you will pay lots more. You should prepare yourself economically.

Alternatives for BBL removal

An alternative procedure can also give the smaller appearance and the comfort that you desire. If a reduction in size is enough for you, you may choose to undergo a BBL reduction. Unlike BBL removal which removes as much fat as possible, BBL reduction only reduces the buttock size to the desired shape.  

Also, since the BBL reduction removes less fat than a reversal, skin sagging will be lesser. It is because if you remove a small amount of fat the area stays fuller compared to the removal of a large amount of fat. We have a fully detailed article on how a BBL reduction works, which you might want to check out.

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