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BBL package deals: All-inclusive and affordable offers

BBL package deals: All-inclusive and affordable offers

Are you looking for BBL packages? Our clinic located in Turkey offers outstanding BBL package deals for international patients from all around the world. Turkey is one of the most popular countries in terms of medical tourism because of its excellent medical care and affordable prices. We provide exceptional BBL treatment and assist you during your BBL journey in Turkey. Plus, all of these come with a reasonable price. It looks like a great deal, isn’t it?

In this article, we are going to explain the BBL Turkey package, what it offers, and payment options to show you the great benefits of getting BBL in Turkey, starting by answering a popular question “Whats an all-inclusive Brazilian Butt Lift?”

Table of Contents

All-inclusive BBL: What are these packages?

Getting an all-inclusive BBL package means getting everything you need during the BBL process at a fixed price. Since there are so many things to consider while traveling to another country for a BBL operation, BBL packages are very advantageous for foreign patients who want to get cosmetic surgery in a different country. 

Advantages of all-inclusive Brazilian Butt Lift packages

Our BBL package deals are very beneficial because we provide an all-rounded service at affordable costs. It is more than just having the surgery, it is more like getting VIP health care while you discover the beauty of Istanbul. Let’s get into the details and see how the Turkey BBL package provides exceptional treatment and unforgettable experiences.

Affordable prices & fixed cost

If you would pay separately for everything that is included in the package, the amount of money you spent on this process would be huge. However, our BBL package deals are very pocket friendly. In addition to the budget-friendly price, there are no hidden or additional costs. You literally pay a fixed amount of money for the all-inclusive package and don’t pay for anything else such as operating room or anesthesia fees.

Top-quality service:

Getting a BBL package means getting exceptional service. The treatment, the assistance, and all of the facilities the clinic provides for you are high-quality. The plastic surgeons are well-educated and experienced, the staff is very caring, and the clinic has the latest technological equipment. Plus, the service you get is individualized and shaped according to your needs. The top-quality service makes sure that the whole BBL experience is highly professional and pleasing for the patient.

Efficient planning

If you get a BBL package, you don’t have to worry about any aspect of getting surgery in a different country, because everything is well-planned and organized by us. Your arrival, accommodation, and appointments are all planned beforehand so that you don’t have to spend effort for any of these. You will only focus on your treatment and your recovery, that’s it. 

New memories

Another opportunity of our BBL turkey package gives you is to discover Istanbul. You will not only get a high-quality treatment but also have a trip to another country. In the following days of the surgery, you can travel around Istanbul, see the incredible architecture, enjoy stunning landscapes, and try traditional foods. Brazilian Butt Lift packages give you a chance to make new memories in a different country. 

You can also think of these deals as BBL vacation packages, because except for the surgery, the rest looks like a vacation, isn’t it?

Getting BBL in Turkey: What does the package include?

Our BBL package deals in Turkey include everything you may need while traveling to another country to get surgery. Starting from your arrival at the airport to the end of your stay, the package includes everything you can think of.

  • 4-star hotel accommodation for 6 days
  • Surgery & 1-night hospital stay
  • VIP Transportation
  • Translator
  • Pre-op consultation & Labs
  • Medications & a BBL garment
  • Post-op check-ups
  • Enjoying the beauty of Istanbul

Finding a proper hotel in a completely different country can be very challenging. Transportation is another issue because you don’t know the place. Plus, you don’t speak the same language as the people, so the communication between you and the surgeon is another problem. All of these can make the process very problematic for the patients. But if you get a Turkey BBL package from our clinic, you don’t have to worry about anything! 

VIP Services & a Translator

When you arrive at the airport, a VIP car will be waiting for you. The car will transfer you to the hotel. Also, the car will provide transportation between the hotel and the hospital during your stay. Plus, if you need, there will be a nurse at the hotel to ensure your condition is going well after the surgery. Your stay in Turkey will be 7 days in total, 1 night at the hospital, and 6 nights at the hotel.

Also, we know how important effective communication is. To make sure you can communicate with the surgeon and the staff clearly, you will get a personal translator who will accompany you through the whole BBL process. You will understand everything clearly and be able to ask all the questions in your mind.

Medications & Garments

The BBL package provides everything, including the garments and medications. Finding the perfect BBL garment can be challenging because there are so many options. However, you do not have to worry about it. Our clinic provides you with the perfect garment. Plus, to reduce the pain and nausea you may experience after the operation the clinic also provides medications to make the recovery even easier for you. 

Post-op check-ups

In the following days of the surgery, you will have check-ups to ensure the recovery is going well. You won’t be flying back to your country without making sure everything is perfect. The check-ups are all scheduled beforehand, and the costs are included in the package cost so that you won’t pay a penny for them. 

Combination surgeries you can get with BBL 

If there is another plastic surgery that you would like to have, you can combine it with BBL surgery. Combo procedures with BBL allow patients to undergo two operations at the same time and help them reach their desired body faster.

Combo procedures are very advantageous because you will only have one recovery phase. Since recoveries can be challenging, you can don’t have to deal with two different recovery periods at separate times. Also, you won’t have to prepare for another surgery as well. So, giving some thought to combo packages may be worth it if you’re planning on getting multiple surgeries.

Tummy tuck & BBL

Tummy Tuck is a procedure where the extra fat tissues and loose skin are removed from the belly. If you have a large amount of fat and excess skin to be removed in your abdominal area, a tummy tuck is the right choice to get with a BBL procedure. Since BBL operation doesn’t include removing the excess skin, by combining a tummy tuck with BBL, you can have your dream butt with a flat stomach.

Breast augmentation & BBL

Breast augmentation surgery makes the size of the breasts bigger. In addition to your buttocks, if you are not happy with the size of your breasts, you can get Brazilian Butt Lift with Breast Augmentation and have both bigger breasts and buttocks at the same time. This can also help to make your figure more similar to an hourglass shape. For more information on getting a breast augmentation in Turkey, you can check out our article on the subject. 

Arm lift & BBL

The arm lift is a procedure performed to enhance the appearance of the arms. The unwanted fat and skin are removed from the upper region, giving the patient a slimmer arm and a healthy skin texture. If you have problems with the appearance of your arms, you can choose to get an Arm Lift with Brazilian Butt Lift surgery.

Payment options for the all-inclusive BBL packages

So far we learned everything about the BBL package deals, and now it is time for the payment methods. There are several payment options, and you can choose the most ideal one for yourself. We offer a suitable method for everyone. 


You can pay for the BBL package online just with a few clicks before you come to Turkey. This way when you arrive at the clinic, you don’t have to bother with paying and can focus on your treatment completely. It is a good option if you want to get everything done before starting your BBL journey.

Credit card

If you don’t want to pay for the BBL package online, you can pay for it by credit card at our clinics. With a swift swipe or contactless payment on the pos machine, it will only few seconds. Paying with a credit card can be a good option for people who don’t like to carry cash. Unfortunately, we don’t accept debit cards for the payment of BBL packages, you can only pay by a Visa or Mastercard. 


If you would like to pay in cash for the BBL package, you can! Also, you don’t have to exchange your money with Turkish liras. We accept euro payments. This saves you the trouble of converting money to Turkish currency. 

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