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A Complete Guide to BBL: Everything you need to know about Brazilian Butt Lift Surgery

Table of Contents

Have you ever checked yourself in the mirror and thought that your butt could be better? If the answer is yes, here comes the Brazilian Butt Lift. Today, with the help of BBL, many women contour their bodies and have the rounder and fuller butts they have always dreamed about.

However, before deciding on plastic surgery, it is very important to understand the whole procedure completely. This brings us to the main point, what is BBL?

In our complete and comprehensive guide, we will give you overall information about what is BBL process, its benefits, risks, and candidacy to help you understand the Brazilian Butt Lift basics.

In this guide you’ll learn about:

Bbl2 1

What is a BBL?

BBL stands for Brazilian Butt Lift, and it is a type of butt augmentation, a cosmetic surgery where the fat in a part of your body is removed and transferred into your butt. Fat is generally removed from the abdominal area, lower back, thighs, or arms.

Even though BBL is placed under the roof of butt augmentation operations, it should not be confused with butt implants. Both procedures have nothing in common except enhancing the buttocks.

Bbl 1

Who invented BBL?

In 1985, two figures practiced fat grafting: Dr. Eduardo Krulig and Dr. Luiz Toledo. Both started practicing in the same year and it’s not certain who found it first.

When was the first BBL?

Back then, BBL was not known as BBL but liposculpture. The oldest records of procedures are around 1985, both in Venezuela and Brazil.

How popular is BBL?

In 2020, the global butt augmentation market size was calculated at around $1.5 billion. According to The Aesthetic Society, around 61,000 people had buttock augmentation in 2021 all over the world. These numbers should be enough to show how popular BBL is.

What Does

What does a Brazilian Butt Lift do?

BBL procedure gives the patient her dream hourglass body. The procedure includes removing fat from certain parts of the body and transferring it to the butt. Removal of fat makes certain parts of the body smaller such as the waist, and fat transfer gives the butt a curvier, fuller appearance.

Also, BBL creates a natural look since your own body fat is used to increase the volume of your buttocks.

An Infographic That Shows The Types Of Bbl

Types of BBL surgery you can get

The types of BBL vary depending on the amount of fat needed to transfer, the body type of the patient, and the desired butt shape. For example, if the patient wants to have a very big butt, a large amount of fat is needed. But not everyone dreams of a big butt. If the patient is a skinny person, small amounts of fat should be enough. Below, we listed some types of BBL surgeries, these are all BBL operations, but there are slight differences.

Before the surgery

Pre 1

The surgeon must be sure that you are healthy enough to perform the surgery. To decide if you are good to go, lab tests will be done beforehand. In addition, you will need a medical clearance to confirm that you are eligible for the operation. If you have mild problems, they can be treated before the surgery. In case of a major problem, your surgeon will decide what to do about it. You can also check our articles below to have more detailed information.

BBL procedure step by step

We talked about the “What is BBL?” question, and now it is time for “How does a BBL work?” A BBL surgery consists of 3 stages. It starts with fat removal, continues with fat purification, and ends with fat transfer. In the following section, we explained these stages in detail to help you understand the BBL process easier.

Fat Harvesting

At first, the surgeon makes small incisions. Then, places the cannula (thin tube) under the skin through incisions, and harvests the fat.

An Infographic Of A Bbl Fat Extraction

Fat Purification

The fat is purified from blood, and washed with a solution to remove undesirable elements from the fat. When the purification is done, the fat is placed in a needle for the transfer.

An Infographic Of A Bbl Fat Purification

Fat Grafting

The surgeon makes small incisions around your buttocks for fat grafting. Afterward, transfers the fat through the incisions. When the fat injection is done, the Brazilian Butt Lift procedure is completed.

An Infographic Of A Bbl Fat Injection

How long is the surgery?

So, how long does BBL surgery take? Generally, a BBL process takes 2 to 4 hours, depending on the case. If less amount of fat needs to be removed, 2 hours may be enough. Or, a very large amount of fat needs to be removed, it can take around 4 hours.

What type of anesthesia is used?

Brazilian Butt Lift is performed mostly performed under general anesthesia. However, IV sedation with local anesthesia can be given as an option too. You can discuss this with your surgeon to decide which one would be better for you. 

Is it painful?

No, you won’t feel anything during BBL surgery because of the sedation. You will be either asleep or unconscious depending on the given anesthesia. But you may feel pain right after the surgery, which is totally normal.

After Surgery

The surgery was just the first step toward your dream shape. The real journey starts after the surgery. From now on, there will be several rules you have to follow in order to maintain your BBL. The first months can be challenging but you will adjust in no time. You can check the articles below to see what you can do after BBL surgery and learn the best tips.

An Infographic Of After Bbl


You will be able to see the final results around 6 months after the BBL surgery. The are 2 reasons why you need to wait for a while to see the final results of BBL. The butt needs to heal itself after the surgery and post-op swelling must be gone. Plus, newly injected fat needs time to settle in its new place.

The results of a BBL operation can last over a decade, depending on how well your recovery process went and some other factors. If you follow the post-op instructions and let your buttocks heal properly, your BBL butt is more likely to stay in the best shape for a long time.

  • BBL results
  • BBL after 10 years
An Infographic Of Bbl Results


Bbl Safety

As long as BBL surgery is performed in the right way, BBL is considered a safe surgery. It becomes dangerous if the fat is transferred with the wrong technique. In 2017, ASERF published BBL safety recommendations (1), and since then BBL become way more safe surgery compared to before, since now cosmetic surgeons become aware of how to perform BBL in the right way, and what to avoid.

BBL Cost

Cost Of Bbl

BBL is a relatively pricey procedure because it is a surgery that requires expertise. However, the major factor that affects the BBL cost is location. The prices are much more budget-friendly in countries where health care is not expensive, which means it is possible to get BBL at affordable prices. Also, clinics generally offer payment options.


BBL in Turkey

Bbl In Turkey

Turkey is one of the first countries that patients all around the world prefer when it comes to BBL procedure. Its popularity comes from the opportunities Turkey clinics provide to its patients. Clinics in Turkey offer high-quality treatment at affordable prices. Moreover, BBL packages are all-inclusive, cover everything you need while traveling to another country, including the hotel cost. This also means that you don’t have to search for anything, clinics do it for you.

Pros & cons

Before undergoing any type of surgery, it is essential to know its benefits and risks. If you know the benefits, you can know what this surgery offers you. If you know the risks, you will know what kind of negative outcomes this surgery can lead to. Here, we listed the BBL pros and cons to give you an overview of the good and bad sides of this procedure.


  • BBL results are long-lasting
  • Creates a curvier, fuller butt
  • Makes the waist smaller
  • Gives an hourglass body shape
  • Improves self-confidence
  • Looks natural compared to implants


  • Anesthesia can tire your body
  • Swelling is inevitable
  • One side can be bigger or smaller, causing asymmetry
  • The final result may not meet your expectations
  • You may need a revision surgery
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