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How a BBL 360 can give you a pronounced hourglass body

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Are you worried that BBL won’t be enough to create your dream hourglass body because of the excess fat in your entire abdomen? If yes, BBL 360 may be the right option for you. In addition to improving the volume and the shape of the buttocks, BBL 360 is a cosmetic procedure that gives the patient the smoothest midsection and tiniest waist possible.  

In this article, we are going to explain the BBL 360 surgery, what makes it different from a regular BBL, its benefits, risks, eligibility criteria, and more to help you understand the whole 360 BBL journey. 

What is a BBL 360?

The combination of BBL and Lipo 360 surgery is called BBL 360.

Brazilian Butt Lift is plastic surgery that allows surgeons to make improvements in the butt shape, size, and volume with the patient’s own fat. Making enhancements with the body fat also allows the patient to get rid of some excess fat from other parts of the body, mainly from the abdomen and love handles.

Lipo 360 is a fat removal procedure that focuses on the entire torso; abdomen, waist, and back. The “360” comes from rotating 360 degrees, which is a full rotation. As the name suggests, Lipo 360 removes the excess fat from the entire torso, making the waist, stomach, and love handles as small as possible.

BBL 360 aims to further improve the curvy, hourglass shape promised by a butt enhancement. 

Because the 360 liposuction procedure reduces the fat from your entire torso, combined with a Brazilian butt lift, it can significantly improve the hourglass appearance and provides results you may not be able to achieve with standard liposuction during a BBL surgery.

How is it different from a regular BBL?

The difference between a regular BBL procedure and a BBL 360 lies in the targeted liposuction areas. BBL 360 offers more extensive fat removal compared to a traditional BBL.

Both of the procedures remove unwanted fat from the abdominal area, but BBL focuses on removing the fat from only problematic parts of the abdomen while BBL 360 removes the undesired fat in the whole abdominal region and the torso.

Brazilian Butt Lift 360 focuses on removing all unwanted fat from:

  • Upper & lower abdomen
  • Waistline
  • Upper & lower back
  • Love handles
  • Sacrum (the bottom of the spine)

Let’s say that the patient has excess fat in her lower belly and love handles, during the BBL procedure the fat is removed from only the lower abdomen and the love handles because these are the problematic parts that have undesired fat.

However, if the patient goes through a 360 BBL procedure, the fat can be taken from their lower belly, love handles, waistline, and back.

The procedure for 360 BBL

BBL 360 surgery is performed under general anesthesia, and it approximately takes around 2-4 hours depending on the amount of fat that needs to be grafted. The surgery has three stages, which are fat harvesting, fat purification, and fat transfer.

The plastic surgeon starts by making small cuts in the front abdominal region. Then, the surgeon places a cannula through the incisions and suctions the excess fat deposits by moving the cannula back and forth. After the fat removal from the front is completed, it is time for the back.

To liposuction the back side, the surgical team will slide your body to a side of the operation bed and gently flip your body. The flip is made with the help of a large sheet and pillows. Then, the patient’s entire back will be liposuctioned.

Then, all harvested fat tissue will be purified from the blood and other components for the transfer. Lastly, the surgeon makes tiny cuts around the buttocks and injects the required amount of purified fat through the incisions. The procedure ends when the buttocks reach the desired volume and shape. 

What happens when you combine Lipo 360 & BBL surgeries

Now that we know what 360 Brazilian Butt Lift is, let’s get into more detail and learn more about the 360 BBL journey. Starting with its ups and downs, we are going to explore the eligibility criteria and the overall 360 BBL experience.

Benefits & Risks

The benefits and risks of a procedure show the possible outcomes of the surgery. They make you see both the positive and negative consequences to ensure the procedure can meet your expectations and if the potential risks are worth taking. 

Benefits of BBL 360 surgery:

  • Fat removal from the whole torso
  • Smaller waist
  • Voluminous, curvier, projected buttocks
  • More remarkable hourglass body
  • 2 operations, one recovery, and less cost 
  • Improved self-confidence
  • Natural looking results

Risks of BBL 360 surgery:

  • Contour irregularities 
  • Asymmetry
  • Dissatisfaction
  • Anesthesia risks

In addition to these, the risks of Brazilian Butt Lift 360 are the same as BBL risks. To learn more about the potential complications and get detailed information, you can check out our “BBL risks” article.


First of all, to be eligible for the BBL 360, your health status must be suitable for the surgery and your expectations must match with the aim of the procedure. Only then, you can be the right candidate for the surgery. So, let’s look at the list below to understand the eligibility criteria for the 360 Brazilian Butt Lift.

An ideal candidate for BBL 360 would be a person who:

  • Wants to get rid of fat from the whole abdomen
  • Desires for a fuller, curvier butt with an hourglass body
  • Doesn’t have a severe medical condition
  • Can manage their diabetes or hypertension if they have
  • Is healthy enough for general anesthesia
  • Can stop smoking


The preparation period for 360 BBL will be the same as BBL preparation. You will start the preparation by taking some tests to make sure you can go under the surgery safely. Other than the medical part, you need to maintain your current weight, focus on eating healthy foods, and avoid some habits such as smoking and alcohol to ensure the safety of the procedure and maximize its effectiveness.


After the surgery, you will experience the same things as a regular BBL recovery. You will have swelling which is inevitable, but it will disappear in a couple of months. You will have to wear your compression garments, avoid sitting on your butt, and get lymphatic massages to have a comfortable and faster recovery time. To learn more about the recovery process, you can jump into our “BBL recovery” article. 


Right after the surgery, you will see the change in your abdomen and buttocks, however, it won’t be the final result of the 360 BBL. Since you had a surgical procedure, the surgery sites need to be healed and while the body heals itself, you will have swelling. 

BBL 360 will start to show its final shape after about 6 months when the swelling is gone. In addition to the improved buttocks, a large amount of fat will be gone from the whole abdominal area. You will have a contoured figure and curves that will catch everyone’s attention. To preserve the results, you need to maintain a stable weight because big changes in weight can make the results disappear. 

Cost of BBL 360

The cost of BBL 360 ranges between €5000 to €15,000. However, the price can change significantly mainly depending on the amount of fat that needs to be operated on. If there are large amounts of fat that need to be suctioned and transferred, the cosmetic surgeon operates more on the body and the duration of the surgery gets longer, which increases the procedure cost.

Can you get another procedure with BBL 360?

You can get another procedure with BBL 360, but not every surgeon recommends it. The reasons behind this are the risk factor and the recovery period. Since it already is a combo procedure consisting of BBL and 360 Lipo, when you get another one, it becomes 3 procedures at the same time. The risks of the surgery be further increased when you combine 3 procedures at once because long surgery durations can increase complications and anesthesia-related risks (1).

You can combine many procedures with 360 BBL such as tummy tuck, breast augmentation, and even rhinoplasty. However, apart from the complexity of the surgery, the recovery period will be more challenging as well. BBL doesn’t allow you to sleep on your back because the pressure on the butt needs to be avoided. It is recommended to sleep on your chest, and getting 3 procedures together may not let you sleep comfortably as you need to protect your surgical sites.

  • (1) Hardy, Krista L et al. “The impact of operative time on complications after plastic surgery: a multivariate regression analysis of 1753 cases.” Aesthetic surgery journal vol. 34,4 (2014): 614-22. doi:10.1177/1090820X14528503
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