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Arpanu Medical

We passionately believe that taking momentous decisions such as healthcare choices requires the utmost attention, care, and professionalism with particular consideration to individual medical needs and emotional demands of the patients.

As Arpanu Medical Travel, we aim to be your trustable partner throughout your medical experience, with tailor-made itineraries specifically formulated to offer you cost-effective access to healthcare services provided by acclaimed hospitals and private clinics. As a professional medical travel facilitator specialized in all ranges of transportation and travel services associated with medical treatment abroad with more than 10 years of experience in the medical tourism industry, we strive to assist you in every step to set your mind at ease in the pivotal decision-making process.

Bringing Health and Comfort Together

Arpanu Medical Travel is a travel agent, certified as a Medical Tourism Facilitator Agent by the Ministry of Health in Turkey, and has been a member of the Association of Turkish Travel Agencies (License Number A-6867) since 2011.


Our close and intensive collaboration with reputable local health service providers allows us to expand our range of services continuously, formulate unique itineraries, and offer cost-effective solutions to our patients. Our company also has established key partnerships with esteemed JCI (Joint Commission International) accredited clinics that provide surgical procedures of exceptional quality and medical service of the highest standards. All surgeries are performed by outstandingly qualified physicians and medical staff and in modern, completely sterilized operating rooms with sophisticated state-of-the-art medical equipment at hand. Therefore, as we have substantial business expertise and know-how in the fields of travel, medical travel, and lodging, we are on the road to establishing ourselves as a leading medical travel organizer in Turkey.

Your Health is Our Top Priority

On that premise, we provide medical treatments of splendid quality at the most prominent hospitals and private clinics in Turkey combined with itineraries specifically geared to the needs and demands of our patients.

The Highest Quality

Only by bringing the highest quality to every step of our services we offer to our patients; can we achieve the goals we set for ourselves

Utmost Confidentiality

We ultimately respect your privacy and pledge utmost discretion and confidentiality throughout your medical experience.

Prompt Appointments

Had enough of waiting to get responses? We value your time! Our team will swiftly respond to you with a customized package corresponding to your needs and book a timely appointment for you.

Your Reliable Companion

Our principal objective is to keep your trust in us and be that companion you place confidence in us through thick and thin.

Our Strong Team

We ensure the satisfaction and prosperity of our team members and strive to increase their motivation. We strongly believe that our accomplished team is the key element behind the absolute satisfaction of our patients.

Meet Our Team

Our global team is the key element in our success as we embrace and celebrate diversity among ourselves and accordingly strive to provide comfort and professional care for our patients to ensure that they feel at home and do not encounter any discomfort throughout their experience.

Özgür Ali Atakan
Sami Mutlu
Head of Travel Services
Pinar Senguler
Sales Manager
Angelika Heilander
Reservations Manager
Yasemin Arslan
Besiana Hoxha
Sales & Patient Care
Enes Demir
Merve Nazar
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